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Overview[ | ]

Professions are the crafting system of Neverwinter. Starting at level 8, you can accept the quest Workshop Opportunity from Sergeant Knox, which will get you started. There are 7 main professions, and the gathering profession. You will start with one profession of your choice and gathering, but you can practice and improve all professions simultaneously (as soon as you get an artisan for them).

Workshop Mechanics[ | ]

Retainer[ | ]

This is the person you address to exchange old professions assets, tools, and materials as well as the person who will be walking you through the professions tutorial. Who you choose has no effect on anything other than the flavor of text in the tutorial. You will have several options to choose from however choices, once made, are final.

Workshop[ | ]

Your workshop is located in the southeast corner of Protectors Enclave. You will be able to enter the workshop directly from the world map if you have at least rank 1 V.I.P. Your workshop includes work space for each of the professions, a Retainer, a Master's Desk (where you upgrade your workshop and peruse artisan applications), an Artisan's Counter (where you direct your artisans to complete tasks), a Dispatch Board (where you will dispatch adventurers to procure raw materials), a Delivery Box (where you collect completed tasks), and a Worn Toolbox that will allow you to gain low level crafting tools to get you started.

Upgrading the workshop[ | ]

THIS IS WRONG AND BASED ON THE OLD LVLING SYSTEM IT NEED UPDATING......... You will receive quests from your Retainer for every 10 levels in your highest profession.

At level 20, you will receive the quest A Clean Start to upgrade the workshop to level 2.

At level 30, you learn to learn to trade crafted items for South Sea Trading Company Credit in the quest Trading Company. You will need 500.000 credits to get the level 3 workshop (at profession level 60)[1].

At level 50, you will receive the quest A box for Knox. Upon completion you will be able to interact with your Artisan's Counter remotely.

At level 60, you will receive a quest to upgrade the workshop to level 3.

South Sea Trading Company Credit[ | ]

The items for you to craft can be sold to Merielle Begum (at the Auction House in Protectors Enclave) for South Sea Trading Company Credit. She buys a random set of goods every day, with items from each profession. Since you can't craft too many of the same items in the day the commission is available, you can craft several and keep checking when they are available again.

Working on item list for upgrade credits at South Sea Trading Company Credit.

Artisans[ | ]

Artisans are your workers in the workshop. Each day new artisans will ask to join your workshop, at various times of the day (different each time). Besides their profession type, they have 4 stats and a special skill. The stats are: proficiency, focus, commission cost, and speed. They also have levels which increase with each item they make. Their proficiency and focus increase with their level. The increase is about 4-4.2 per level. Commission costs and speed stay the same, as does their special skill. A good cap in proficiency seems to be close to 400, while 320-340 can be considered as low.

For artisans list, See Artisan.

Crafting Mechanics[ | ]

To craft an item, you select an artisan, which tool they are to use and which optional supplement to use. For crafting professions, you can select whether to use regular ingredients, or ingredients +1 (for a higher change at crafting an item +1). To commission an items you pay the Artisan a small amount of money, which depends on their Commission multiplier.

Finally, you can use morale to instantly craft the item, or set the artisan to craft one or more of the item over time.

Once the crafting process is complete, you will learn if the crafting was successful. If failed, the ingredients (and morale) are lost. If successful, the artisan and you gain experience, and the item is placed into your inventory if you used morale, or in delivery box.

Morale[ | ]

Generally, you give tasks to the artisans and they deliver their result over time. Alternatively, you can use your daily morale to finish tasks immediately, consuming a bit of it for each task you finish like this. The workshop had 400 morale, which replenishes every day, and can be refilled using AD at the retainer.

Materials[ | ]

Crafting materials are obtained by Adventures in the Gathering profession. Up to three Adventurers can be send out at once, and their tasks cannot be rushed with morale.

Additionally, Bolden Coarsca sells crafting tools and materials in the Protectors Enclave market area.

Tools[ | ]

Tools improve the Proficiency of your Artisan, which improves the chances of successfully crafting an item. Each tool requires a minimum level of the artisan before they can use it. All tools can be crafted with normal professions (up to level 70).

Bolden Coarsca sells crafting tools up to level 30. Furthermore, a chest with infinite and free Worn tools can be found in the workshop.

See Profession tool for a list of tools.

With Masterwork 1-2 you can make 400 prof/ 400 focus tools.

With Masterwork 3 you can make 450/450 tools

Wonders of the Gond (maxed) artifact provides generic 600/600 tool, that can be used for all professions except gathering.

Old masterwork profession tools are kept and they have 370/370 stats (well-worned / ex white) and 400/375 stats (masterwork / ex-purple)

Supplements[ | ]

Supplements are optional ingredients that increase the Artisans Focus. Focus determines the change of create masterwork items.

For supplements list, See Profession supplement.

Experience[ | ]

Each item successful crafted (or gathered) increase the experience of Artisan and the profession. The amount of experience gained depends on the level of the item crafted.

For a full overview of the experience gained per item, see the page for the specific profession.

Note that profession experience is unrelated to character experience.

Artisan stats[ | ]

Commission Multiplier[ | ]

Commissioning (crafting) an item costs money depending on the level of the item. This cost is multiplied by the Artisan's Commission Multiplier. Thus, for cheaper item commissions you want an Artisan with a negative commission multiplier.

The Artisan's Special Skill can influence the cost of the item further:

Effective cost with Dab Hand
Dab Hand chance (%)
0 5 10 15 20 25 35[1] 45[1] 55[1]
-75% 25.00 23.81 22.73 21.74 20.83 20.00 18.52 17.24 16.13
-50% 50.00 47.62 45.45 43.48 41.67 40.00 37.04 34.48 32.26
-25% 75.00 71.43 68.18 65.22 62.50 60.00 55.56 51.72 48.39
0% 100.00 95.24 90.91 86.96 83.33 80.00 74.07 68.97 64.52
+25% 125.00 119.05 113.64 108.70 104.17 100.00 92.59 86.21 80.65
+50% 150.00 142.86 136.36 130.43 125.00 120.00 111.11 103.45 96.77
+75% 175.00 166.67 159.09 152.17 145.83 140.00 129.63 120.69 112.9
+100% 200.00 190.48 181.82 173.91 166.67 160.00 148.15 137.93 129.03
+125% 225.00 214.29 204.55 195.65 187.50 180.00 166.67 155.17 145.16
+150% 250.00 238.10 227.27 217.39 208.33 200.00 185.19 172.41 161.29
+175% 275.00 261.90 250.00 239.13 229.17 220.00 203.7 189.66 177.42
+200% 300.00 285.71 272.73 260.87 250.00 240.00 222.22 206.9 193.55
Effective cost with Passion Project
Passion Project chance (%)
0 5 10 15 20 25
-75% 25.00 23.75 22.50 21.25 20.00 18.75
-50% 50.00 47.50 45.00 42.50 40.00 37.50
-25% 75.00 71.25 67.50 63.75 60.00 56.25
0% 100.00 95.00 90.00 85.00 80.00 75.00
+25% 125.00 118.75 112.50 106.25 100.00 93.75
+50% 150.00 142.50 135.00 127.50 120.00 112.50
+75% 175.00 166.25 157.50 148.75 140.00 131.25
+100% 200.00 190.00 180.00 170.00 160.00 150.00
+125% 225.00 213.75 202.50 191.25 180.00 168.75
+150% 250.00 237.50 225.00 212.50 200.00 187.50
+175% 275.00 261.25 247.50 233.75 220.00 206.25
+200% 300.00 285.00 270.00 255.00 240.00 225.00
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Reachable using supplement

Speed Multiplier[ | ]

When crafting an item without using morale, the time required to finish the process depends on the item level multiplied by the Artisan's Speed Multiplier. Thus, for faster item commissions you want an Artisan with a positive speed multiplier.

Proficiency[ | ]

It measures the success rate of your craft. Proficiency rate is determined by the artisans proficiency divided by proficiency required. You add the artisans, the tools and potential supplement's proficiency to a total against the proficiency you need for 100% success in craft. Less than that can lead to components/materials loss if failed. More doesn't seem to contribute to anything. Higher level crafts need more proficiency to secure 100% craft success.

Focus[ | ]

Determines the quality of the finished product. You will need a base level of Focus to complete the task (indicated in red if not met). You can raise an Artisan's Focus on a task by using higher quality tools.

(invocation counter, daily quests, etc)

Masterwork Professions[ | ]