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Professions are Neverwinter's crafting system and can be accessed by the player upon reaching level 10. They are introduced with the quest A True Professional. Most Professions will produce items that are tied to one specific class. Currently, there are 6 different Professions in the game:

Despite the fact that most Professions produce items for one specific class, they are open to be learned by players of other classes, too. Currently, the maximum level for any Profession is 20.

Assignment SlotsEdit

The individual assignments are handled in a number of slots. At the beginning, players only have one, but more are unlocked as Professions are leveled up.

For example being a level 30 or level 60 each gains you a slot. Leveling up a profession to 3 or 10  also results in a slot being obtained. 

Crafting ShopEdit

M'tari Prin'tal runs a shop in Seven Suns Coster Market where she sells equipment and additional materials that are needed for crafting

Profession AssetsEdit


For each Profession, you must hire people who will perform assignments. The first assignment of any Profession is to hire someone. The first hand can always be hired in a matter of seconds, more hands usually take 18 hours to arrive. As you level up, you will unlock the option to promote your staff, so they can complete higher level assignments. Promoting one employee to a higher level usually consumes several hands of the lower level.


Tools that your staff uses when doing an assignment. Regular equipment can be purchased from M'tari Prin'tal's shop.

Profession ResourcesEdit

There are several types of resources. The most common resources you will gather yourself through the Professions system. There are also rare types of resources that can be obtained as loot from the class specific skill spots (Thievery, Nature, Religion, etc) or treasure chests. For many Profession assignments, you will also need additional materials, i.e. thread for tailoring. Those standard materials can be purchased from M'tari Prin'tal. For many Professions, materials can be obtained in a first step and then get refined (i.e. Simple Pelt to Simple Leather in Leatherworking). The armor produced at lower levels can be refined further at later levels, which then also raises the level requirement of the item.

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