Protector's Enclave
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Protector's Enclave
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Vital statistics
Type Commons
Level NA
Location Neverwinter
Inhabitants Folk

Protector's Enclave is the heart of the economy and governance in the city of Neverwinter. Lord Neverember reclaimed this part of the city from the hoards of monsters that invaded after the eruption of Mount Hotenow and then rebuilt it. For this deed this district was named after his title, "The Protector". He now oversees the rest of this once great city from the Hall of Justice as he tries to bring under his protection the parts of the city still controlled by monsters.


Protector's Enclave is home to a vast array of shops where one could purchase just about anything. The Seven Suns Coster Market and Tarmalune Auction House are the center of the economy. The nearby Manycoins Bank will help protect your newly acquired property. If adventure is what you crave, the legendary Moonstone Mask awaits your visit.

Here is a list of every location in Protector's Enclave: Administration



PVP Battleground


  • Sleeping Dragon Gate
  • Coriol Street Gate
  • Deekin Street Gate
  • South City Gate


  • Coriol Street
  • Dagger Way
  • Deekin Street
  • Fiddler's Path
  • Protector's Road
  • Tymor Street



  • Campfire

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