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The Protector's Jubilee is an annual calendar event.

The Protector’s Jubilee is Neverwinter’s big anniversary event.

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Event # Date Items Added
1 Jun 19, 2014 - Jun 26, 2014 data requested
2 Jun 19, 2015 - Jun 26, 2015 [Throne of Boo], [Jubilee Parade Horse], Paladin class items.
3 Jun 16, 2016 - Jun 23, 2016 [Throne of the Gamemaster], [Protector's Bounty], [Protector's Hospitality], Escort the Merchant mission.
4 Jun 20, 2017 - Jun 27, 2017 [Throne of the Shadow Dragon], [Jubilee Celebratory Feast], [Jubilee Unicorn], Firebreathing emote.
5 data requested data requested
6 Jun 20, 2019 - Jun 27, 2019 [Throne of the Vampire Lord]
Protector's Jubilee
Join the festivities as neverwinter celebrates its anniversary at the Protector's Jubilee

Lord Neverember has declared a grand jubilee to celebrate an amazing year for the city of Neverwinter. Merchants are traveling from across the Sword Coast to join in this grand event. It's even said the famous wizard Elminster has arrived in the city to gain the aid of its many heroes.

To Participate:
To participate in this event, visit Protector's Enclave and meet Elminster at the event podium. Complete Elminster's Quests, escort traveling merchants, and join in the Protector's Speech skirmish to get your daily reward.

Helping the Sage of Shadowdale will earn you [Protector's Bounty] containing a host of jubilee items, including [Protector's Figurines] and [Neverwinter Renown] which you can spend in the store to purchase the following items:

[Protector's Garden Key]
[Throne of the Gamemaster]
[Throne of the Lion]
[Throne of Boo]
[Throne of the Shadow Dragon]
[Traveling Entertainer]
[Jubilee Parade Horse]
[Jubilee Unicorn]

You may also purchase [Protector's Figurines]s in the Zen Market. These can be redeemed for [Neverwinter Renown] in the event store.

The Protector's Jubilee comes but once a year and lasts through the week, so join us as we celebrate a successful year in Neverwinter!


Elminster Aumar grants five (5) repeatable quests daily: the skirmish daily, two adventure zone dailies, a reward quest for completing those three, and a quest to Escort a Merchant.

Quest Reward Notes
An Eminent Guest at the Jubilee
The Protector's Speech (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Skirmish
Leaving Notes (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Protector's Enclave
Speak to Alla (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Protector's Enclave
Taking Notes (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Protector's Enclave
An Unlikely Spy (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Blacklake District
Message in a Bottle (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Blacklake District
Rat Scratchings (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Blacklake District
Death and Diplomacy (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Tower District
Message for the Tower District (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Tower District
Rendezvous with Riff (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Tower District
Beachcombing (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Blackdagger Ruins
Message for Lanric (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Blackdagger Ruins
Sign of the Arrow (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Blackdagger Ruins
A Fate Unknown (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Neverdeath Graveyard
Message for Windle (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Neverdeath Graveyard
Fallen Harper (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Helm's Hold
Law and the Order (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Helm's Hold
Taking up the Gauntlet (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Ebon Downs
Question for Oran (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Vellosk
A Warning for Bilgewater (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Pirates' Skyhold
Snowed Under (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Icespire Peak
Concerns for the Chasm (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] The Chasm
To a Harper's Aid (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Rothé Valley
Northdark Report (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Whispering Caverns
Intrigue in the Dread Ring (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty] Dread Ring
A Reward in the Garden (repeatable) 2x [Protector's Bounty] Reward
Protector's Bounty (repeatable) [Protector's Bounty]



During the Jubilee, Elminster Aumar offers the Commemorative Store and the Renown Store. For a week after the Jubilee, Xalliana does so.

Commemorative Store[]

Item Cost Class
[Protector's Garden Key] Protector's Figurines15
[Traveling Entertainer] Protector's Figurines10
[Jubilee Unicorn] Protector's Figurines10
[150 Neverwinter Renown] Protector's Figurines1
[Ceremonial Protector's Hood] Protector's Figurines4 Wizard
[Ceremonial Protector's Robe] Protector's Figurines4 Wizard
[Ceremonial Protector's Cuffs] Protector's Figurines4 Wizard
[Ceremonial Protector's Boots] Protector's Figurines4 Wizard
[Ceremonial Protector's Helm] Protector's Figurines4 Cleric
[Ceremonial Protector's Cuirass] Protector's Figurines4 Cleric
[Ceremonial Protector's Gauntlets] Protector's Figurines4 Cleric
[Ceremonial Protector's Greaves] Protector's Figurines4 Cleric
[Ceremonial Protector's Helmet] Protector's Figurines4 Barbarian
[Ceremonial Protector's Scale] Protector's Figurines4 Barbarian
[Ceremonial Protector's Bracers] Protector's Figurines4 Barbarian
[Ceremonial Protector's Greaves] Protector's Figurines4 Barbarian
[Ceremonial Protector's Helm] Protector's Figurines4 Fighter
[Ceremonial Protector's Plate] Protector's Figurines4 Fighter
[Ceremonial Protector's Gauntlets] Protector's Figurines4 Fighter
[Ceremonial Protector's Greaves] Protector's Figurines4 Fighter
[Ceremonial Protector's Hood] Protector's Figurines4 Ranger
[Ceremonial Protector's Tunic] Protector's Figurines4 Ranger
[Ceremonial Protector's Bracers] Protector's Figurines4 Ranger
[Ceremonial Protector's Boots] Protector's Figurines4 Ranger
[Ceremonial Protector's Helm] Protector's Figurines4 Paladin
[Ceremonial Protector's Plate] Protector's Figurines4 Paladin
[Ceremonial Protector's Gauntlets] Protector's Figurines4 Paladin
[Ceremonial Protector's Greaves] Protector's Figurines4 Paladin
[Ceremonial Protector's Cap] Protector's Figurines4 Warlock
[Ceremonial Protector's Tunic] Protector's Figurines4 Warlock
[Ceremonial Protector's Bracers] Protector's Figurines4 Warlock
[Ceremonial Protector's Boots] Protector's Figurines4 Warlock
[Ceremonial Protector's Cap] Protector's Figurines4 Rogue
[Ceremonial Protector's Tunic] Protector's Figurines4 Rogue
[Ceremonial Protector's Bracers] Protector's Figurines4 Rogue
[Ceremonial Protector's Boots] Protector's Figurines4 Rogue
[Cloak of the Waterdhavian Open Lords] Protector's Figurines2
[Ceremonial Cloak of Neverember] Protector's Figurines2
[Cloak of the Guardian of Neverwinter] Protector's Figurines2
[Lord Protector's Ceremonial Cloak] Protector's Figurines2

Renown Store[]

Item Cost
[Throne of the Shadow Dragon] Neverwinter Renown3,000
[Throne of the Gamemaster] Neverwinter Renown3,000
[Throne of the Lion] Neverwinter Renown3,000
[Throne of Boo] Neverwinter Renown3,000
[Otto's Dance Flask Pack] Neverwinter Renown2,000
[Jubilee Parade Horse] Neverwinter Renown3,000
[Celebratory Confetti] Neverwinter Renown75
[Elminster's Lunchbox] Neverwinter Renown150
[Elminster's Guide to Juggling] Neverwinter Renown1,500
[Waterdhavian Shirt] Neverwinter Renown375
[Waterdhavian Coronet] Neverwinter Renown375
[Waterdhavian Garb] Neverwinter Renown375

Escort the Merchant[]

In Blacklake District, Ebon Downs, Whispering Caverns, and the Guild Stronghold you can find a Foreign Merchant that needs to be escorted to Neverwinter. Talking to the Merchant will start his journey to the entrance of the zone. In the Guild Stronghold you will need Inventory Consumables Scrolls 09.png[Protection Orders], which can be obtained from a [Protector's Bounty], to start the mission. As the merchant travels monsters will spawn and attack. Each time you defend the merchant from the monsters all nearby players will receive either a [Protector's Bounty] or up to Neverwinter Renown3. After reaching the zone's entrance the merchant will reset and return to his original spot ready to be escorted again.

The Protector's Speech[]

The Protector's Speech is a scaling skirmish, available to any character level 6 or higher, that is only available during the Protector's Jubilee. Defeat the enemies attacking Neverwinter to earn rewards including Currency Icon Event Anniversary Renown.png[Neverwinter Renown].

Lord Neverember's speech text[]

In case you missed those 12 minutes of talking, here is the transcription:

Dates Run[]

Sequence Date from Date to
1 June 19, 2014 June 26, 2014
2 June 19, 2015 June 26, 2015
3 June 16, 2016 June 23, 2016
4 June 20, 2017 June 27, 2017
5 June 14, 2018 June 23, 2018
6 June 20, 2019 July 3, 2019

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