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PvP in Neverwinter describes any gameplay that involves Player vs Player content:


Instanced PvP[]

Domination, Gauntlgrym and Strongholds are PvP matches in closed instances that requires players to queue into them.

Inside closed instances:

  • Companions cannot be summoned
  • Players cannot get injured

In addition, inside Domination and Gauntlgrym, but not inside Strongholds:

All instanced matches awards Glory. Additionally, Gauntlgrym awards [Grym Coin]s and Strongholds awards [Banner of the Fallen] currency.


Leaving Domination before the match is over is penalized and forbids leaving player to use any queue for 30 minutes.

Domination match can be left without being penalized when there are 3 or fewer players left in a team.

Open World PvP[]

Open World PvP is a marked area introduced in Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale and available in 2 Adventure Zones:

To enter any of these locations, players have to sign a contract with one of two factions in Caer-Konig:

  • Ten-Towns
  • Arcane Brotherhood

Contract determines a faction side in Open World PvP, remains upto 20 hours of being offline and can be broken after signed.

Characters who enter PvP area become flagged for PvP after crossing its magical barrier.

The border of the PvP area has a red transparent effect and triggers a warning when you approach.

Once a player becomes flagged, they can attack players from the opposite faction and can be attacked by them even outside of a PvP area.

Players can become unflagged by dying, changing location or entering a Campfire.

In opposition to the rules of Instanced PvP matches, Companions can be summoned in Open World PvP, Companion Active Bonuses are active and players killed in Open World PvP can become injured.

One per hour per instance, a Black Ice Domination match comes as a Heroic Encounter inside a PvP area.

Killing players flagged in Open World PvP area can award [Scrimshaw Trophy].


On PvP, players cannot use some items, like most Healing potions.

On the other hand, on PvP players can use some items that are unusable outside of PvP.

PvP Potions[]

Battle Potions[]

Battle PvP Potions are usable while flagged for PvP only, usable on all PvP content.

Potion Cost
Battle Potion of Minor Healing 1 Glory
Battle Potion of Lesser Healing 4 Glory
Battle Potion of Healing 7 Glory
Battle Potion of Greater Healing 11 Glory
Battle Potion of Major Healing 15 Glory
Battle Potion of Superior Healing 35 Glory
restoration? ? Glory
Iceforge Healing Elixirs[]

Iceforge Healing Elixirs are usable on PvE and Open World PvP only.

Potion Lvl
Iceforge Healing Elixir 60
Greater Iceforge Healing Elixir 65

Poking Stick[]

[Poking Stick] is a PvP only item.

While usable everywhere, takes effect on PvP only.

PvP Campaign[]

Advancing in PvP Campaign awards PvP Boons.

All tiered PvP Boons are active while flagged for PvP on Open World PvP, on Domination and Gauntlgrym.


Title Condition
Grandmaster of Gladiators Complete 25 PvP Campaign tasks
Iceborn Savage Complete 10 Icewind Dale PvP tasks
Iron Tabernacle Warlord Complete 10 Gauntlgrym tasks
Dominion Champion Complete 10 Domination tasks
Bloodthirsty Kill 5000 enemy players in PvP
Head Hunter Kill the most enemy players in 50 PvP matches.
Helping Hand Have the most kill assists in 50 PvP matches.
Immortal Die the most to enemy players in 50 PvP matches.

PvP Currencies[]


While flagged for PvP on Open World PvP, on Domination and Gauntlgrym, players benefits from PvP statistics insreased by Tenacity Rating:


There are 6 ranks players are split to, depending on their MMR.

Rank Icon Name
0 Icon Leaderboard Rank 00.png ?
1 Icon Leaderboard Rank 01.png Dominator
2 Icon Leaderboard Rank 02.png Tyrant
3 Icon Leaderboard Rank 03.png Supreme Tyrant
4 Icon Leaderboard Rank 04.png Ultimate Tyrant
5 Icon Leaderboard Rank 05.png Overlord
6 Icon Leaderboard Rank 06.png Invincible Overlord

External Links[]


  1. Domination is available since lvl 10
  2. 2.0 2.1 Gauntlgrym is available since lvl 60
  3. A Note on Active Companion Bonuses in PvP