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There are various types of quests through-out Neverwinter that a player can complete to increase their levels and learn something about the world along the way.

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Tutorial Quests[]

These quests are designed to teach you a little about how the game mechanics and interaction with the world work. Once you've learned a little about how to interact with the world around you and your in-game character, you'll be able to reach the end of the Tutorial zone and progress into the real game world. Of course this isn't without a little bit of story to it that is referred to once you reach the real world.

Character Progression Quests[]

These quests are designed to introduce you to things that the Tutorial did not. Since you are unable to reach certain levels and Achievements in the Tutorial, little how-to quests will show up once you've hit the requirements.

Such things you will learn about through these quests are:

Story Progression Quests[]

These are quests given to you by NPC to progress the storyline within Neverwinter. Various different NPC's will offer you quests along your journey, who will ask you to do various things depending on your level and area you venture to. Once you've completed the Tutorial quests, you should enter the actual game world at level 4 and have a decent knowledge of how to interact with the world around you. The first and main location you're introduced to is called Protector's Enclave, and where you will find you spend a lot of your time returning to after each zone.

Daily Quests[]

These are quests that you are able to do every 20 hours of real time for Astral Diamonds. Once you reach certain levels on your in-game character, you will unlock more available dailies to be completed.

Foundry Quests[]

These are quests created by the player community of Neverwinter. Every quest created will be unique in some way, making each quest you choose to complete a new adventure. Some Foundry Quests are eligible for Daily Quest rewards, though this depends on the length of the quest.

When you complete a Foundry Quest, you will receive a reward chest just as though you'd completed a non-player created quest. A rating screen will also come up, asking that you leave a rating and a small note about what you thought of the adventure. Leaving a rating and a note about your thoughts help the author learn what other players do and do not like, or are able to fix any bugs that players may find in their quests. There is also an option to tip the author of the quest for their great work! This encourages authors to create more quests for their campaigns or more quests similar to the ones they've been tipped for.