Quickling Den

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Quick Action
Level: 70
Preceded by: The Dark Fey Enclave
Followed by: Random Repeatable Daily quest with rewards used to progress in the Sharandar Campaign
Given by: Finderal Birchspear
Starts in: Sharandar
Also occurs in: The Quickling Den
Ends in: Sharandar
Turn in to: Finderal Birchspear
1,510 XP
5 Silver, 51 Copper
1 Gold Crescent
1 Abjuring Charm
Duration: {{{duration}}}

The Quickling Den is the location of the quest Quick Action, where you are sent by Finderal Birchspear as part of the Sharandar Campaign. Finderal wants you to prevent a swarm of quicklings from being unleashed.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Enter the Quickling Den and destroy the Witch Xylene and her stockpile of noxious gas.

  • Go to Quickling Den
  • Foil a Plot to Stir Up Quicklings
    - Kill Xylene
    - Burn Alchemic Supplies

Summary[edit | edit source]

Finderal Birchspear
Are you familiar with Quicklings? Normally those blood-thirsty vermin are nothing more than a nuisance, one that even the Fomorians find difficult to control. Yet they swarm in great numbers in their underground lairs.

The witch Xylene was seen entering a Quickling den. She is infamous for brewing potions that produce all manner of harmful gases and vapors. Unless I miss my guess, the Fomorians plan to smoke out the Quickling horde, probably to serve as spell-fodder for the Dark Fey army.

We cannot allow this. Go to the Quickling Den and destroy Xylene and her alchemic weapons!

Completion[edit | edit source]

Finderal Birchspear
Quick work! Now when an attack comes there will be no need to waste our arrows on a host of vile quicklings!