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Following module 18, Rage of Bel was the first Episode released to Neverwinter, released in May 14th, 2020.


As the introduction to the episode, players had to get a random drop from a devil in Vallenhas. After that, the next quest required them to get 6 drops from Heroic Encounters in Vallenhas. Minor heroic encounters gave 1, major heroic encounters gave 3.


Rage of Bel was mostly composes of 2 things. The Bel fight and the Insurgencies.

The Insurgencies were a unique type of heroic encounters, where players had to slay waves after waves of enemies. After slaying all enemies, a boss has a chance to spawn, and whether it spawns or not, the players could close a portal to finish the insurgency and earn it's rewards (100 Chaotic Writings and a few Seals. The Bel fight was a difficult boss fight with multiple mechanics.

Server wide cycle[]

Rage of Bel had a cycle of sorts. Each time an insurgency was completed in the whole server, it added a few %s to the Bel's rage bar. Once the bar reached 100%, insurgencies stopped spawning and the Bel fight spawned instead, and could be defeated for rewards (Infernal Secrets, small amounts of Refinement points and Rough Astral Diamonds, and a chance for a Ring of Bel (Combat Advantage and Accuracy stats, when you are hit you get a chance to summon a devil that strikes an enemy for 70,000 damage, can only proc every 30 seconds). Bel stayed for an hour, and then left and started a cooldown hour with neither insurgencies or Bel bring around. After this hour, the cycle started again.

Ranks and Rewards[]

In the Rage of Bel storyline, the players joined the order of the riftwardens. Then, they were given an amulet and could progress the ranks of the order. When a player killed an enemy in an insurgency, they had a chance to charge of amulet with 1% (limit of 20% per day). Once they reached 100%, they progressed to the next ranks. There are 5 ranks, so progress from the 1st to the 5th rank takes at least 20 days. Each rank opens new rewards for purchase for infernal secrets, including a new vanity pet for every rank, modeled after the insurgency bosses, for 55 infernal secrets each, and boxes of vallenhas treasures to open, with rewards that increase based on your rank, for 15 infernal secrets each. Infernal secrets are acquired from the Bel fight: players who defeat bel get 4+(number of party members) secrets every time they finish the fight. Rewards from the final rank's box, the Ornate Box of Vallenhas Treasures, can include the Hound of the Forge, Vallenhas Elite Soldier, Slaghound, Rough Astral Diamonds, refinement stones, and a host of fashion, weapon transmutes, +3 undermountain rings, and new rings that buff daily powers.

Forger's box and Rods[]

The main reward of Rage of Bel is the Forger's box, a new Trinket. The box has 7 ranks, each more powerful than the last. Players get the rank 1 box from the introductory quests, and then they need to upgrade them using rods. Each rod comes from a different source and is used for another rank. Here is a list of where to get the rod for each rank:

used for rank: source
2 has a chance to drop from the demonic summoning heroic encounter in Vallenhas
3 has a chance to drop from Skill Nodes found in any zone through the game
4 can be bought for 55 Infernal Secrets and 15,000 Astral Diamonds. You need to be a Marshal (3rd rank) to buy it
5 has a chance to drop from insurgency bosses
6 has a chance to drop from Bel
7 has a small chance to drop from Ornate box of vallenhas treasures. you need to be a Seneschel (final rank) to buy it