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Rare Vintage
Level: 70
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Given by: Champagne du le Stomp
Starts in: Barovia
Also occurs in: Blood on the Vine Tavern
Ends in: Barovia
Turn in to: Arik Lorensk
2671 XP
11Silver, 7Copper
3 Omens
10 Barovian Coins
Duration: {{{duration}}}

This repeatable quest is started by examining the Champagne du le Stomp found somewhere in Barovia.



This wine is labeled Champagne du le Stomp, the rarest and most sought after vintage in all Barovia. Bring the wine to the Blood on the Vine Tavern so you can be rewarded for liberating it from the clutches of evil.


  • Find Champagne du le Stomp in Barovia
  • Double click Champagne
  • Go to Blood on the Vine Tavern
  • Talk to Arik Lorensk


Arik Lorensk
Huh? Rare vintage. Good.