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About Us[edit | edit source]

  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Guild Founders: Jesster Li and filiusmortis1
  • Guild Creation Date: April 11th, 2018
  • Guild Hall: Rank 2 working now towards Rank 3
  • Alliance: We are the Helm Guild for the Raven's Death Claw Alliance.
  • Alliance Level: 9
  • Alliance Members: 388
  • Current Membership: 64/150 gamertags, 87/500 characters
  • Alliance Swords and Gaunlets:

The Unhollowed

The Kings of Asgard




loot hunters



The Dutch Elite Squad




RDC was formed on April 11, 2018 for people who want to come together to build not just a community, but to enlarge this close knit family of friends. This guild does not tolerate drama at all and we run influence runs (7:00 pm Central Time) and guild siege (8:00 pm Central Time, MUST BE LEVEL 70 TO JOIN) on Saturdays in Raven's Death Claw stronghold. We also do randomly skirmishes, dungeons (both regular and epic), epic trials, and much more. We are not very active, but working towards being an active guild. The guild aims to help both experienced and new players in the game no matter gender, sexual orientation, race, age, etc.

Guild Rules[edit | edit source]

These are expected rules, no matter what your identity is, that we expect ALL MEMBERS to follow.

1. Respect each other, there will be no toleration of (but not limited to): threats, harassment, stalking, degradating members, etc.

2. Life happens, but don't bring drama to the guild or alliance

3. Follow the rules of RDC alliance along with RDC Allying Guilds

4. Listen to the Guild Masters or Officers if there is an announcement for an event or changes in the coming weeks

5. Require donations whenever you're on, please be on at least once a week unless you have communicated with a guild officer or master

6. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! We are not always serious all the time.

What We Offer[edit | edit source]

Boons[edit | edit source]

We currently do not have any boons, as we are working towards getting our guild hall to Rank 3, and do not know what our first support structure will be. Check back in the future to see if we have any boons.

Events[edit | edit source]

As mentioned we do have daily and weekly influence runs. Here is the sorting from guild to guild in order of the alliance. This information is only current to the knowledge of the helm guild masters.

  • Raven's Death Claw: Saturday 7:00 pm Central Time with Guild Siege at 8:00 pm Central Time (But may be subjected to change over time)
  • The Unhollowed: Currently does not host influence runs, but has a friendly pvp event in private cues for rewards (rewards vary time to time)
  • The Kings of Asgard: Currently does not host influence runs, but may plan to in the future
  • THE HONORED: Currently does not host influence runs, but plans to in the future
  • loot hunters: Currently does not host influence runs, but plans to in the future
  • BareNakedCardinals: Currently does not host influence runs, but plans to in the future
  • The Dutch Elite Squad: Currently does not host influence runs, but may plan to in the future

Interested in Joining?[edit | edit source]

If interested please message through one of the methods listed below. May subject to change over time.

Neverwinter[edit | edit source]

Message one of the following guild master characters or anyone with the <Raven's Death Claw> title under their character:

(character name) @ Jesster Li

  • Hayley Van Darksbane
  • Gwenyth Huntinghawk
  • Aka-Haru Aura

(character name) @ filiusmortis1

  • darga frosthammer
  • Elorden du-einder
  • frigga draconic
  • Garrett sword-sworn

Xbox One[edit | edit source]

  • Jesster Li
  • filiusmortis1

Discord[edit | edit source]

You are also welcome to create a free account on discord (or if already having a discord to login) and message or join the guild chat and ask for an invite: