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Red Rituals
Level: 27
Preceded by: Rest in Peace

The Undead and the Dying (also required to unlock Red Rituals)

Followed by: Dragon Attack
The Emissary of the Dead
Enter the Dragons
Given by: Doomguide Orran
Starts in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Also occurs in: Pauper's Field
Ends in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Turn in to: Doomguide Orran
1,780 XP
7 Silver 60 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Doomguide Orran sends you out to investigate the purpose of the Bone Porters.


  • Find out what purpose the Bone Porters serve.


Doomguide Orran
"The Red Wizards are using some of the newly exhumed skeletons to excavate bones and relics from Pauper's Field. The undead are then transporting these items through a southern gate to a very old portion of Neverdeath.

We need to find out where these "bone porters" are going and why!"


  • Kill Bone Porters (0/12)
  • Find the Red Wizard's orders in the camp
  • Get the amulet of a Red Wizard of Thay
  • Smash the Amulet on an altar
  • Return to Doomguide Orran


Find the Red Wizard's orders in the camp[]

The documents on the table include orders from a Red Wizard named Xivros.

He has ordered his fellow Thayans to send many of the bones and artifacts unearthed in Pauper's Field to a crypt much deeper inside Neverdeath. It hints he is using them to summon an undead being of incredible power.

There are also details of the mass raising the Red Wizards are performing in Pauper's Field. Each Wizard is carrying a special amulet created especially for this ritual. Destroying one of these would be a great setback to their plans.

At this point you receive the Bone Golems lore entry.


Doomguide Orran
It sounds like the Red Wizards are attempting to create a powerful undead creature deep in Neverdeath.


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