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Refinement is the process by which the player can upgrade various items to higher qualities. The various items which can be refined are as follows: Enchantments, Artifacts, Artifact Equipment, Mount Collars, and Insignias.

Refinement Reagents[ | ]

The reagents used to upgrade different types of items varies, but here are all the basic resources used for refining in Neverwinter.

Refinement Points[ | ]

Refinement PointsRefinement Points are a primary resource used in refining Enchantments, Artifacts and Artifact gear. Refinement Points are the easiest resource to obtain, but are character bound upon acquisition. Refinement Points can be obtained by breaking down certain gear, by breaking down Gemstones, by breaking down enchantments and artifacts, by completing many Heroic Encounters, and by opening dungeon end chests.

Enchanting Stones and Glyphs[ | ]

The Icon Inventory Markofpotency T02[Glyph of Potency] is a key resource used in refining Enchantments, Artifacts and Mount Collars. Glyphs can be obtained from Sybella Artis for Currency Icon M16 Challenge Zone[Heroes Medallion], from the Wondrous Bazaar or the Auction House for Astral DiamondsAstral Diamonds, or from certain events for event currencies.

Enchanting Stones are another resource used in refining Artifacts and Artifact Gear. These Stones currently have three ranks that are used: Icon Inventory Combined T02[Enchanting Stone, Rank 3], Icon Inventory Combined T03[Enchanting Stone, Rank 4], and Icon Inventory Combined T04[Epic Enchanting Stone]. Rank 3 and Rank 4 stones tend to be pretty easy to get, as they drop from Invocation bags, Skill Nodes, and Dread Ring Campaign lair quests. Rank 5 stones are more difficult to obtain, but they can also drop from Dread Ring lair quests, can be purchased from Sybella Artis, and can be obtained as rewards from certain events.

Motes and Ward[ | ]

The Icon Inventory Ward Preservation 01[Preservation Ward] is a special item that can be used during any refinement. Normally, if the player attempts to refine an item and fails, some of the items used will be lost. The player can, however, use a Ward to protect items. When an item is protected, the item will not be lost on a failed refinement attempt, but one Ward will be consumed for every protected item. It is common practice for players to protect [Glyph of Potency], [Epic Enchanting Stone] and [Shard of Greater Empowerment].

Motes come in 5 varieties and are used to increase the chance for a successful refinement. The motes, along with the percentage increase they give, are listed below:

Mote Name Chance Increase
Primitive Mote/Tooltip 1%
Standard Mote/Tooltip 2%
Improved Mote/Tooltip 5%
Enhanced Mote/Tooltip 10%
[Coalescent Mote] 100%

All Motes have a chance to drop from dungeon end chests, with the higher quality motes having drastically reduced drop rates. The [Coalescent Mote] guarantees refinement success, and is thus highly sought after for Enchantment refining. It can be purchased on the Zen Market, and is often included in special promotions there, can be rarely obtained from [Coffer of Celestial Artifact Equipment], can sometimes be purchased from the Wondrous Bazaar during special promotions, and has a very small drop chance in dungeon end chests.

Other Reagents[ | ]

Overview by Item Type[ | ]

Enchantments[ | ]

Enchantments are primarily upgradeable character enhancements. Enchantments come in 5 varieties, 4 of which can be refined from Uncommon to Mythic qualities. The varieties that can be refined are: Standard Enchantments, Combat Enchantments, Bonus Enchantments, and the Companion Enchantment.

Artifacts[ | ]

Artifact Equipment[ | ]

Mount Collars[ | ]

Insignias[ | ]