Rest in Peace is a quest in the Neverwinter Graveyard district. It is started by talking to Doomguide Orran after having completed The Undead and the Dying. Completing this quest opens up the quest Red Rituals.


The Red Whizards of Thay have corrupted the ground of the cemetary, making the dead rise again. Orran sends the adventurer out to place 3 Banners of Kelemvor to reconsecrate an area called Pauper's Field.


  • Start at: Doomguide Orran
  • Go to Pauper's Field (cross the bridge, then keep right)
  • Plant banner at North Field, kill Rising Dead
  • Plant banner at South Field, kill Rising Dead
  • Plant banner at West Field, kill Rising Dead
  • Finish at: Doomguide Orran


  • 1842 XP
  • 8 Silver, 93 Copper