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Rewards for the Hoard
Level: 70
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Given by: Reclaimed Tiamat Hoard
Starts in: Well of Dragons
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Ends in: Well of Dragons
Turn in to: Reclaimed Tiamat Hoard
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Rewards for the Hoard is a repeatable quest in Well of Dragons. To start this quest interact with the cart next to Elminster Aumar.


  • Turn in 1500 points worth of Hoard Treasure to the Reclaimed Tiamat Hoard.


Reclaimed Tiamat Hoard
You are tasked with reclaiming hoard treasures and bringing them back to the Reclaimed Tiamat Hoard in the allied camp. Each of these hoard treasures is worth a certain value. In addition to benefitting everyone else by unlocking tiers of rewards for fighting Tiamat, you will also be personally rewarded for turning in 1500 points worth of treasures.

[Dragon Hoard Coins] (1 Point)

Found by successfully completing heroic encounters in the Well of Dragons.

[Dragon Hoard Coffer]s (15 Points)

Found by defeating cultists, Thayans, and dragons in the Well of Dragons.

[Dragon Empire Treasure]s (200 Points) Found by completing Tyranny of Dragons campaign tasks, or through purchase on the Wondrous Bazaar.


  • Hoard Value Reclaimed (0/1500)


Reclaimed Tiamat Hoard
You have recovered many valuable treasures from the Cult of the Dragon before they could be offered in tribute to Tiamat, and they will be delivered back to their rightful owners. Your contributions have been noted and rewarded.

Continue to bring back more hoard treasure for additional rewards.