Riches are used to purchase items from vendors or from other players, either by trading or through the auction house.


There are three tiers of money; copper, silver, and gold. 100 copper equals one silver and 100 silver equals one gold.


Zen can be purchased with real world money. It can also be transferred over from other games (not always at a 1:1 ratio).


Glory is acquired through participation in PvP.

Astral DiamondsEdit

Currency for specialized items.

Rough Astral DiamondsEdit

Awarded for completion of tasks and occasionally upon invocation. Limited daily refinement of 24,000 Rough to Astral diamonds.

Ardent CoinsEdit

Ardent Coins are awarded daily by invocation.

Celestial CoinsEdit

NW Celestial Icon2

Celestial Coins are awarded daily by invocation. Volatile, will dissipate if not renewed by invocation daily.


Collecting these valuable seals/coins allows you to exchange them for special gear if you can find a collector.

Seal of the LionEdit

Seal of the ManticoreEdit

Seal of the PegasusEdit

Seal of the UnicornEdit

===Seal of the Drakjxjzj e===

Grym CoinEdit

Required for t2 pvp gear and end game pve gear.

Jeweled IdolEdit

Virtual CurrenciesEdit

Currency How to Obtain Uses Conversion Ratio
Gold Playing the game (loot drops, selling items) Buying standard equipment

100 Copper = 1 Silver

100 Silver = 1 Gold

Astral Diamonds

Promotions (such as Founder's Packs)

Gameplay (special rewards)


Buying with Zen

Higher-end equipment

Runes for upgrading companions

Glyphs for upgrading player equipment

Feat respeccing

Companion renaming

Market price (depends on player supply/demand on the ZEN Exchange)
ZEN Points

Buying with real-world currency

Buying with Astral Diamonds

Buying top-of-the-line mounts, companions, aesthetic closing, and other convenience/luxury items on the ZEN Store