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Rogue is a playable class in Neverwinter. See below for sub-classes.

Trickster RogueEdit

Neverwinter - Trickster Rogue Montage Trailer

Neverwinter - Trickster Rogue Montage Trailer


Trickster Rogue - Melee glass cannon. The highest damage in this beta by quite a bit. Now you have to be skilled and a bit more twitchy that with the other classes. In fact this class is faster game play than some single player games I like. Teamwork works well as flanking enemies give you a damage buff. First companion should be a tank. When they grab agro you get a warm fuzzy as you know the mob will melt to your DPS. Your action point build up is the fastest of the 3 in this beta. You will be using your daily often. I died I think 4 times up and got to level 20. You are always drinking potions and this will be an expense. You kill stuff at least 4x faster so grinding for a bit of loot to get back some cash would be simple. Once again higher skill cap, much higher damage, cant take more than 1 big hit without needing a potion.