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Seal of Triumph
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Currency
Tag: PvP Currencies
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Quality: Rare
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The Seal of Triumph is a currency used in PvP content.


Seal of Triumph
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

A mark of victory awarded for the first win of the day in Domination, Gauntlgrym, or Stronghold Siege PvP.

These seals may be exchanged at the Trade of Blades in Protector's Enclave for powerful PvP equipment.

These seals are also one of the requiered currencies for Lionsmane Armor available for sale at the armory of a rank 3 and above Stronghold.

Maximum Seals of Triumph: 1200

PvP Currencies
No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard


Seal of Triumph is awarded by completing Daily PvP Domination Victory quest from Domination Battlemaster in the Trade of Blades. (Must be LV 70 to obtain)


Seal of Triumph is needed to buy Profound and Burning PvP gear in the Trade of Blades.

Small Icon[]

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