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Sewer Crawl
Level: 12
Preceded by: Lost Dispatch
Followed by:
Given by: Captain Janros
Starts in: Tower District
Also occurs in: Merchant Square Sewers
Ends in: Tower District
Turn in to: Captain Janros
1086 XP
3 Silver 31 Copper
Great Weapon Fighter: [Boots of Onslaught]
Oathbound Paladin: [Vanguard's Greaves]
Scourge Warlock: [Boots of Blood]
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Entry into the sewers at (1330, 1092)


  • Search the Merchant Square Sewers east of the Neverwinter Guard Post and defeat the Nasher rebel leader Karr Nevrim.


Captain Janros
According to the dispatch you recovered from the dead courier, the orcs are not the only problems we have around here. There are reports of a holdout Nasher rebel cell led by a half-orc called Karr Nevrim operating in the sewers underneath Merchant Square.

Nevrim's suspected of shady dealings with the Many-Arrows Tribe, undermining the safety of the city. We need you to head into the Merchant Square Sewers and defeat this upstart before he becomes another Karzov!


  • Destroy the Nasher holdouts
    • Kill Karr Nevrim
  • Collect Reward
  • Leave the Sewers
  • Return to Captain Janros


Captain Janros
Fine work, <name>! Karr Nevrim was a nasty piece of work.


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