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A Skill is a class determined power that allows to loot connected Skill Node without using adequate consumable item and providing 100% success rate.

Skill Class
Arcana Control Wizard
Scourge Warlock
Dungeoneering Barbarian
Guardian Fighter
Nature Hunter Ranger
Religion Devoted Cleric
Oathbound Paladin
Thievery Trickster Rogue

Certain class Skills provide additional abilities to certain classes:

Skill Check[]

A Skill Check occurs when a character attempts to loot a Skill Node.

A character can always make a Skill Check for a class determined Skill, but must have a skill kit for any other checks. There is a percentage chance (25%) of failure when using a kit.

If the check is successful, the skill node yields items, usually profession resources relating to the skill node, as well as enchantments, consumables and treasure. A non-traditional Skill Node may also yield a minor buff.

Skill Nodes[]

Looting a Skill Node requires either adequate Skill or consumable item.

Skill Consumable
Arcana Consumable Skill Arcana.png[Arcana Kit]
Dungeoneering Consumable Skill Dungeoneering.png[Dungeoneering Kit]
Nature Consumable Skill Nature.png[Nature Kit]
Religion Consumable Skill Religion.png[Religion Kit]
Thievery Consumable Skill Thievery.png[Thievery Kit]

While Skills provides 100% success rate for looting the Skill Node, skill consumables provides only 75% success rate and are consumed regardless whether successful or not.