Slayer Knight Set

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Slayer Knight Set (Item Level 240)[edit | edit source]

Arcane items worn by the Slayer Knights of Xvim in the protection of ancient Maluradek's Castle in Icewind Dale.
This accessory set scales its stats to your current level, and binds to your account upon being equipped.

Icon Name Collection Score Acquisition
Inventory Ring SlayerKnight 01.png
[Slayer Ring of the Xvim] Collection Score 3 Icewind Dale Campaign
Inventory Belt SlayerKnight All 01.png
[Slayer Belt of the Xvim] Collection Score 3 Disheveled Madman
Inventory Neck SlayerKnight 01.png
[Slayer Amulet of the Xvim] Collection Score 3 Frozen Crystal Lockbox
Name MHP Pw CS Rc AP Ds Dl Rg LS Mv Total
Slayer Ring of the Xvim 187 187 75 187 636
Slayer Belt of the Xvim 299 281 281 636.75
Slayer Amulet of the Xvim 187 187 187 75 636
3 of Set:
When taking damage you have a chance to activate Might of the Slayer Knight. For 15 seconds, you deal 350 damage to 3 random foes within 20 feet every 3 seconds. Each time you deal damage to a foe with this you gain a stack of Slayer Knight's Boon. When Might of the Slayer Knight expires all stacks of Slayer Knight's Boon are consumed to restore 700 Hit Points per stack and grant 1% Action Points per stack.