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Sleeping Dragon Bridge
Level: 1
Preceded by: Broken Arrow
Followed by: Rags to Riches
Given by: Private Hawthidon
Starts in: Neverwinter Fields
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to:
5 XP
4 Copper
Class Specific Weapon
Duration: {{{duration}}}

A view of the Sleeping Dragon Bridge

Sleeping Dragon Bridge map

Private Hawthidon sends you to aid in the defense of Sleeping Dragon Bridge against a renewed assault by Valindra's undead.


  • Kill Undead Soldiers. Go to Sleeping Dragon Bridge.


Private Hawthidon
More undead are attacking Neverwinter! They are boiling out of Castle Never and storming the Sleeping Dragon Bridge!

If the bridge falls, they will enter the heart of the city, Protector's Enclave!

I must stay and deal with the Red Wizards. Please go to the bridge and aid the defenders!

Destroy the Undead Soldiers near the gate to our north so it may be opened safely. Then talk to Private Wilfred. He will get you inside the city and show you the way to the bridge.

Be careful, these undead are more aggressive than others you have fought. Tempus grant you strength!


  • Kill Undead Soldiers Near Gate (0/6)
  • Talk to Private Wilfred
  • Travel to the Bridge
    • Go to Sleeping Dragon Bridge
  • Fight Your Way to the Gatehouse
  • Defeat the Harbinger
  • Talk to Private Wilfred
  • Talk to Sergeant Knox
  • Collect Reward
  • Speak to Sergeant Knox


After defeating the Harbinger[]

Private Wilfred
Sorry, should have been more cautious.

But when I thought of all my friends who died because of her...

Find Sergeant Knox and tell him what happened. Ask him to check in on my mother from time to time.

Hang on, Private! I'll get help!
Private Wilfred
You have to stop her!

Lord Neverember is no saint, but he's better than the alternative. If Neverwinter fails here, Valindra will rule Neverwinter!

Find Sergeant Knox. He's one of Neverember's guards. One of the good ones...

You must stop...


I'm sorry, Wilfred.

After entering Protector's Enclave[]

Sergeant Knox
Wilfred is dead?

Damnation! Too young to go out like that.

I want to thank you for what you did on the bridge. We might have lost Protector's Enclave if the Harbinger had breached the walls.

Please look in the chest behind me for a token of my appreciation.


Sergeant Knox
We lost a lot of good people today... and the Harbinger appearing so close to the walls does not bode well for the safety of the Enclave.



  • Kill Undead Soldiers Near Gate (0/6)
  • Undead Soldiers can be found to the northeast of Hawthidon's camp, both wandering alone and in groups.
  • Talk to Private Wilfred
  • Continue on to the gate in the northwest, avoiding or killing Undead Soldiers as you go.
  • Travel to the Bridge
    • Go to Sleeping Dragon Bridge
  • Use the gate and travel to Sleeping Dragon Bridge
  • Fight Your Way to the Gatehouse
  • Defeat the Harbinger
  • You are now alone. Proceed north carefully.
  • It is best to take care of the group of three in front of the Harbinger before engaging him.
  • Engage and defeat the Harbinger.
    • He runs quickly for his size, but his attacks are very slow and easily dodged.
  • Talk to Private Wilfred
    • Proceed to the north and then east to find Private Wilfred.
  • Talk to Sergeant Knox
  • You are automatically moved to Protector's Enclave near the south gate.
  • From there, proceed northeast through the market.
  • Move to the left of the area with the statue and continue northeast.
  • Ascends the set of stairs going north and then continue up the stairs to the east.
  • Keep going up the stairs heading north until you reach the level with the fountain to the north.
  • Take the east stairs and then north stairs.
  • Head northeast and then north.
  • Sergeant Knox will be to your right before you reach the next set of stairs. Talk to him.
  • Collect Reward
  • Speak to Sergeant Knox
  • Turn in the quest.