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Spider Silk
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Profession Material
Tag: Material
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Quality: Rare
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Sell value: Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png50
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This material is a part of Chultan Curiosities Collection. It can be ...


Spider Silk

A resource used in crafting tasks.

A fine, sticky thread created by the spiders of Chult.

Material, Textile
No Level Requirement
Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png50

Masterwork Forgotten Tailoring Tasks

Level Icon Name Commission Proficiency Focus Materials Results (Tier 1-3) Icons Crafting Morale.png Interval Profession XP small icon.png Profession XP small icon.png per Hour Currency Icon Tiny Silver.pngCost per Hour
70 Crafting Resource Chultansilk.png Chultan Silk Gold small icon.png1 Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png65 1,400 970-1,400 4x Crafting Resource Chultansilkthread.png[Chultan Silk Thread], 1x Crafting Resource Potash.png[Potash], 4x Crafting Alchemy Resource Spider Silk 01.png[Spider Silk] Tier 1:Tier 2: 40 3h Profession XP small icon.png? - Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png55
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