Spying the Cloak Tower
Level: 14
Preceded by: Returning the Pain
Followed by:
Given by: Captain Janros
Starts in: Tower District
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Tower District
Turn in to: Scout Gaelen
520 XP small icon.png
1 Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png 61 Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png
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  • Follow the path east of the Neverwinter Guard Post to meet with Private Quickfoot, the through the wall breach south of there to meet with Scout Gaelen.


Captain Janros
You've proven invaluable in our struggle against the orcish threat. Now it's time to take the fight to the heart of the enemy!

Our scouts found a path to the Cloak Tower through a wall breach to the southeast. Follow the path east and meet with Private Quickfoot, then through the breach to meet with Scout Gaelen. They'll brief you on the next tasks.


  • Meet with Scout Gaelen
  • Talk to Private Quickfoot


Private Quickfoot
You need to find Scout Gaelen? Just follow the path through the breach in the wall due south from here. Once you get to the other side, Gaelen should be in a ruined house on the other side of the breach. Be careful!
Thanks, Private Quickfoot.


Scout Gaelen
You must be the adventurer Captain Janros was talking about. Hope you're ready to fight more orcs...


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