Storm Front

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Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Skirmish/Monster Level: 47
Minimum Level to queue: 44
Maximum Level to queue: 50

A Skirmish located in Icespire Peak. No quest tied to it.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

  • 1 boss

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Ice Trolls
  • Rimfire Golems

Call to Arms[edit | edit source]

The initial run of Call to Arms: Storm Front was scheduled for May 7th, 2015 to May 11th, 2015.

CTA: Storm Front
A limited time Call to Arms: Storm Front

Winter has come one last time in Neverwinter before the heat rolls in. The frost giant Jarl Hrimnir has conjured an icy blizzard to shroud his army. Light the shrines of Moradin to fend off the blizzard while repelling the invasion with spell and blade! The frost giants shall not take Neverwinter for their own.

To participate
You must be level 6 or higher and queue for the event using the button below or by pressing "k" on you keyboard.

Sword Coast Adventures
Make sure you check out the special dungeon in the Sword Coast Adventures on Gateway from your web or mobile browser.

Fending off the blizzard and repelling the invasion gives you a chance at the following rewards:

[Chill Wind Dye Pack]
[Rimefire Golem]
[Savage Enchantment, Rank 3]

Whether you gain these chance rewards or not, you will gain many [Medallion of Battle] which you can spend in the store to purchase the following items:

[Refiner's Cache] 100 Medallion of Battle
[Chill Wind Dye Pack] 50 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Orb] 300 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Scepter] 300 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Greatsword] 300 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Longsword] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Shield] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Bow] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Axe] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Mace] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Knight's Shield] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Pact Blade] 300 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Dagger] 150 Medallion of Battle
[Glacial Dagger] 150 Medallion of Battle

Many of these rewards are only available during the Storm Front Call to Arms, so get them while you can!

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