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Summer Flax Fiber
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Profession Material
Tag: Summer Provisioning
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup
Quality: Common
profession level
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Sell value: Copper5
Refinement point: Refinement Points{{{valueRP}}}
Buy cost:
Icons Inventory Event Summer Flax Fiber.png

Summer Flax Fiber is a material used by the Summer Provisioning Profession. It is a reward from the quest Your Very Own Sahha Ball during Summer Festival.


Summer Flax Fiber
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

A resource used in common Summer crafting tasks. Can be found by participating in the sahha event.

The dried and retted fibers of a flax flower.

Summer Provisioning
No Level Requirement

Summer Provisioning Tasks[]

Level Icon Name Commission Proficiency Focus Materials Results (Tier 1-3) Morale Interval Profession XP Profession XP per Hour SilverCost per Hour
6 Icons Inventory Event Summer Sailcloth.png Sailcloth Copper69 72 0-0 2x Icons Inventory Event Summer Flax Fiber.png[Summer Flax Fiber], 1x Icons Inventory Event Summer Linseed Oil.png[Summer Linseed Oil] Tier 1: 1 30s Profession XP? - Silver82.8

Summer Provisioning/Sahha Tcket-Ball