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Surface World Problems
Level: 70
Preceded by: The Prophecy of Madness
Followed by: The Throne of the Dwarven Gods
Given by: Bruenor Battlehammer
Starts in: Mantol-Derith
Also occurs in: Dread Ring, Caer-Konig, Well of Dragons, Stronghold
Ends in: Mantol-Derith
Turn in to: Bruenor Battlehammer
604 XP
2 Silver, 21 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Surface World Problems is an introductory quest in the Underdark Campaign.



Bruenor Battlehammer
Drizzt and I are gettin' closer to Demogorgon, I can feel it, <name>.

Unfortunately, we found somethin' bad. Demogorgon's crazed cultists are openin' portals to the surface world and shuntin' the demons out there.

I don't know what's goin' on up on the surface, but we need ye to go help 'em against the demons.

There's no point in us defeatin' Demogorgon if demons are rampagin' on the surface.


  • Speak with a Demon Hunter
  • Complete Demonic Heroic Encounters
  • Return to Bruenor Battlehammer


Bruenor Battlehammer
The major alliances on the surface are startin' to fight the demons? Good, at least they're aware of it, I was afraid only the Zhentarim knew what was goin' on, and that's not good for anybody.

Drizzt has found several traces of where Demogorgon might be, but I got a bigger problem that I need ye to handle.

Me throne is under attack.