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I've added a few commands I've discovered and detailed their usage to the best of my knowledge. There are still commands I haven't figured out quite yet though, such as "/assist" which has the parameters of <string> and does come up in auto-complete if you type /ass[ist] (I'll touch more on that one a in a bit though). While a lot of commands show up in Auto-Complete, some do not - such as "/hide" - and the ones that do show up in auto-complete only show up after typing the first three characters of the command (well, first four including the "/"). The ones I've posted are ones I have discovered - some purely out of curiosity of "I wonder if /hide does something" and it did.

There are a handful of commands I know of but want to log in to verify the accuracy of the the parameters and description before I add them - at the time of writing this, the server is down for an unspecified amount of time due to an exploit and economy crashing...

A couple commands I have no idea how they "properly" work, I placed these under "Unknown Commands". They are accepted as commands, even give perimeter information - however, I have not been able to fully figure out what they do. A few of them I haven't posted yet as I want to make sure I type them accurately - but I have posted two of them. These two are "/assist" and "/run".

/Assist - This will come up in auto-complete after typing /ass[ist] and it's parameters are <string>. From testing with a friend, I wasn't able to figure out much. From the name of it, I was assuming the command would allow me to target the target of the string I put it. For example, let's say I'm fighting with Kira and I type - /assist "Kira" - when Kira is fighting something, I would of thought it would of targeted the enemy Kira is fighting (or at least, targeting). It sort of does though but not in a way I have been able to manage any use of. What it does do is *BRIEFLY* target the target of the string entered. The "target highlight" flashes only for a split second though. I have no idea the purpose of this... maybe someone can figure it out.

/run - This does not show up in auto-complete despite being four characters long (some commands don't) but I know it's a command because it gives me a parameter message when I type it. I have no idea what it does though - haven't noticed any difference with it.

Lastly, I did notice that there is a (slight) difference when entering some commands that are (assumed to be) either a 1 or 0. Some of them accept values of 2 or 3 as well. One I noticed that differs (slightly) when entering a value of "2" or "3" is "/netgraph" and/or "/fpsgraph" - I would have to log into the game to double check, both might differ though but I know one definitely does - the difference is subtle but if you pay attention it is noticeable. --Setherio (talk) 00:51, 20 May 2013 (UTC)

Changed the command for binding a key to a console command, as "/bind 9 /gfxsetdefaultfov 35" resulted in the error message "unknown command", only working command was "/bind 9 gfxsetdefaultfov 35"

Added adjustcamyaw and adjustcampitch I personally use -30 for left and 30 for right but I also have found using 90 or 180 can really help if you need to do a quick turnabout after a dodge or charge. I have been using these commands since beta to turn my character without using a mouse. I am on a laptop.

I had only recently noticed these command were not on the wiki. I am not sure if the spot I placed them is the best place for them but I figured they go well with the default field of view bind. Maybe we Could add a section for Camera Adjustments. -- Vr2LRose (talk) 06:29, 3 September 2014 (UTC)