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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox thumb/doc (edit):

This template is intended to be used in infobox templates to easily display thumbs underneath. This approach was chosen due to the ad location, making shorter infoboxes look better; having the images in a column underneath is more visually appealing and the content on the page is less constricted.


{{Infobox thumb|image=filename without File: part|caption=caption for the image}}

Standard code within infobox templates:

{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image1|}}}|caption={{{caption1|}}} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image2|}}}|caption={{{caption2|}}} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image3|}}}|caption={{{caption3|}}} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image4|}}}|caption={{{caption4|}}} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image5|}}}|caption={{{caption5|}}} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image6|}}}|caption={{{caption6|}}}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image7|}}}|caption={{{caption7|}}} }} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image8|}}}|caption={{{caption8|}}} }}{{Infobox thumb|image={{{image9|}}}|caption={{{caption9|}}} }}

This should be placed after the closing </div for the infobox, typically before the categories are specified.

Standard documentation for the image and content parameters:

  |image1=filename of the first image to display as a thumb beneath the infobox and ad (image2 through image9 are also available)
  |caption1=caption for the first image (caption2 through caption9 are also available)