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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Table row profession/doc (edit):

This template sets up a row for task/order tables on specific profession in workshop pages.


{{Table row profession
  |level=task/order level
  |icon=name of icon image file
  |rarity=common (currently, there seems to be only common)
  |name=name of task/order
  |link=wiki link name for task/order information article (For example: Gathering/Well Water)
  |commission=cost of task/order in copper
  |proficiency=max proficiency
  |focus=obtain a high-quality result required focus and max focus (format: required-max)
  |materials=any consumed materials
  |tier1=rewards from tier 1 result
  |tier2=rewards from tier 2 result (if exist)
  |tier3=rewards from tier 3 result (if exist)
  |morale=morale cost for immediately completing craft
  |interval=interval of repeating order in minute
  |pxp=amount of profession XP awarded