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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Table row task/doc (edit):

This template sets up a row for tables on specific profession pages before implementing Workshop. It uses a hidden div as a hack to allow sortable tables to sort the rarity column correctly.


{{Table row task
  |level=profession level required
  |icon=name of icon image file
  |rarity=common or rare
  |name=name of task
  |requires=any assets required and *not* consumed
  |consumes=any consumed assets or resources
  |optional=number of optional asset slots
  |time=time to complete task with no speed bonus
  |tier1=rewards from tier 1 result
  |tier2=rewards from tier 2 result
  |tier3=rewards from tier 3 result
  |pxp=amount of profession XP awarded or None
  |pxprate=profession XP per hour

Old usage (this still works, but it should be avoided):

{{Table row task|level required|rarity of task|name|requires|time|produces|profession xp}}