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warning: the sections of "Tiamat Hoard Reclamation" and "Contest" might be outdated. The Temple of Tiamat is a 10-character raid encounter located in the Well of Dragons. You can find it in the Well of the dragons by taking a look at its map, and looking for the icon above. However, when you get there, it will only redirect you to the queue list, therefore, it is less time consuming to enter it by entering the queue list normally (by entering the options page and entering the queue list there). Temple of Tiamat is classified as a trail queue, and a minimum amount of 14K item level is required to enter it. Moreover, Temple of Tiamat is a vaible option to get when entering a random trail queue. It was delayed from release of Module 5: Rise of Tiamat and opened December 5th, 2014.

Dragon Queen chests in the temple can be opened with a [Dragon Queen's Key].

What do you do in Temple of Tiamat[edit | edit source]

Tiamat is about to be summoned, and your trail group need to prevent it. You have a 25 minutes

1. Defeating her summoners[edit | edit source]

Firstly, you need to defeat her summoners. There are 5 summoners, each one for a different head of tiamat, all of them named after the head they are summoning (summoner of ____), exept from the summoner of tiamat's red head, who is named "Rath Modar". when you defeat a summoner, in his place there will be a soul of a dragon gemstone floating. They are positioned across the map. The summoner of the black head of tiamat will be positioned of the very left, and at his right there will be the summoner of the green head of tiamat, then Rath Modar, then blue, then white. After you kill the 5 summoners (and take a soul of a dragon), severin will appear, and you need to kill him. After that, tiamat appears.

Information regarding the soul of a dragon and tiamat's breath[edit | edit source]

-Each player can take only one soul of a dragon, and when he does, he cannot replace it. However, multiple players can take the same soul of a dragon.

- Each one of it will defense against one of tiamat's heads' breath for a short period of time, in according to which soul was taken (when you defeat a summoner, the soul of a dragon of the head he was trying to summon will appear).

-It has a 60 second cooldown

-When you activate it, it appears as a circle on the ground in the color of the head which it is protecting from its breath.

-It protects every person who is inside the circle.

-If someone was already hit by tiamat's breath, if he goes inside the circle which a matching soul of a dragon creates, its effects shall be removed.

-The green tiamat's head's breath is the most damaging, and it causes poison, if you are hit by it and don't go inside a soul of a dragon within a few seconds, you will die.

-The white head of tiamat breath is frost, and even after he was done casting it, there will be a red circle that has the frost in it. However, even after the red circle disappears, the effect will remain for a few seconds, SO NO MATTER WHAT, WAIT A FEW SECONDS: DO NOT REVIVE SOMEONE WHO IS IN THERE, AND DON'T GO THERE FOR ANY REASON UNTIL AFTER A LARGE AMOUNT OF SECONDS, OR WHEN SOMEONE ELSE GETS IN IT AND SURVIVES.

2. Defending the clerics[edit | edit source]

When tiamat arrives, two clerics will try to seperate her heads to individual ones, but devils will attack them, so you need to defend them. When they aren't attacked, the bar that the clerics need to fill will gradually fill, and when they are attacked, the bar will go down. Additionally, the Tiamat heads will be spitting their caustic breath at you, as denoted by large red circles on the ground near the clerics. It is best to split the group evenly between the clerics, and if one starts to lag behind a few people should switch over to help. Once all three clerics have filled their blue bars, the five Tiamat heads will split and become vulnerable to damage. Linu La'neral will announce this when it happens, at which point you will move on to phase 3.


Tanks are supposed to lure the devils after them, and get them far away from the clerics. If they are close enough to the clerics, it will be much harder to take away their attention from the clerics, especially for DPS. Therefore, if a DPS attacks the devils before the tanks lure them away, it will only harm the process. The best thing to do is to let the devils (who spawn a bit away from each other) dash to the clerics, so they would be gathered together, allowing the tank much more quicly lure all of their attention. When they are about 20-30 feet away from the clerics, then the DPS should attack the devils, because then, even if they stop attacking the tank, it won't happen because they want to attck the clerics because of the distance between them. If the DPS will attack the devils before they are lured away they will be likely to start attacking the clerics.

3. Trying to kill tiamat[edit | edit source]

When tiamat is splited, you have 4 minutes in order to defeat her. This part is simpler than the previous ones. The heads are positioned similarily to their summoners. It is common to defeat the heads from left to right (black to white). However, if you kill completely a head, and do not kill all of the remaining heads within the 4 minutes (it is unlikely that you will succeed to do it), they will come back with 20% health in the second round, so it is better to leave the heads at 20% health, and head onto the next one. If you don't succeed to defeat all of the 5 heads on the first round, you will go back to defending the clerics. Please, do not leave at that point, since it likely what will happen and does not mean you will fail the trail. On the second time you face the heads, it is common to go to defeat the head from right to left, opposite from the first one, since if you waste time by killng the heads you already killed on the first round, and do not succeed to defeat all of the other heads in time, you wasted time that could have gone to injure or even kill another head that you didnt kill the first time, because the killed heads will heal again. If you dont succeed the second time, please, do not leave the trail, it doesn't mean you lost. On the third round, you just need to group up and killed the heads. Also, do not try to take on alone on any round a head by yourself, you dont stand a chance no matter how much item level your character has. It will only slow down the progress the rest of the group could have done if you were with them.

Tiamat Hoard Reclamation[edit | edit source]

Tiamat Hoard Reclamation
Reclaim treasures from Tiamat's hoard. Contributions to the Allied Hoard will be shared with other players. A greater number of people reclaiming a greater amount of hoard treasure will unlock higher tiers of rewards and beneficial effects for all!

Players can contribute via the Rewards for the Hoard repeatable quest.

Tier Name Buffs[1] Additional Reward[2]
1 Hoard Reclaimer +3% of Maximum Hit Points
+400 Power
2 Hoard Defender +800 Recovery
+800 Defense
+800 Deflection
+800 Regeneration
Elemental Alliance Head, Body, Arm, and Leg items
3 Hoard Avenger +1200 Critical Strike
+1200 Power
Dragon Souls cooldown reduced to 90 seconds.
[Incantations of the Dragon Queen]
[Greater Imperial Dragon Cloak]
[Greater Lathander's Cloak]
[Lostmauth's Hoard Necklace]
[Greater Cloak of the Seldarine]
4 Hoard Champion +10% of Maximum Hit Points
+4000 Power
Dragon Souls cooldown reduced to 60 seconds.
[Tiamat's Orb of Majesty]
  1. All players in the Temple of Tiamat will receive the buffs.
  2. These items now have a chance to drop.

Contest[edit | edit source]

The encounter is scored as a contest. Rewards include:

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