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The Ashen Battlefield
Level: 70
Preceded by: Conquering Our Dread
Followed by: Wages of War
Given by: General Sabine
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in: Ashen Battlefield
Ends in: Dread Ring
Turn in to: Sergeant Knox (Dread Ring)
1,510 XP
5 Silver, 51 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}


  • Cross the Ashen Battlefield and reach the Vanguard Camp in the Dread Ring.


General Sabine
The Dread Ring is a terrible place of dark magic, foul wizards, and undying horrors. It also happens to be Valindra's seat of power on the Sword Coast and a blight that Lord Neverember has ordered me to remove. So you, hero, are going to help me do just that.

I want you to report to Sergeant Knox in the Neverwinter Vanguard Camp we've set up in the Dread Ring. To get there, you'll have to make your way across the Ashen Battlefield - the desolate territory surrounding the Ring. You'll likely encounter resistance, since the Thayans are doing everything they can to cut off our supply lines.

Once you're inside, harry the enemy. Disrupt their plans, weaken their forces, and open the way to Valindra herself. If you get the chance to kill that foul lich once and for all, you take it. Understand?


  • To the Ashen Battlefield
    • Report to the Neverwinter Guard
    • Find Celeste
    • Defend the Cleric Celeste
    • Speak with Celeste
    • Help the Warlock Makos
    • Slay Varkoss the Unliving
  • Enter the Breach Tunnel
  • Meet with Sergeant Knox in the Neverwinter Vanguard Camp


Neverwinter Guard
Hold up there! You must be <name> from Neverwinter. I'm glad to see such renowned adventurers joining in the battle!

The fight to breach the Dread Ring is going badly. We had to move the wounded and dying back here, as the Thayan wizards are raising the dead of both sides and turning them against us.

Celeste is a powerful cleric who's part of the Neverwinter vanguard. She's keeping the undead at bay but could definitely use your help. Ride to the battlefield and speak with Celeste.

May Torm protect you!

My thanks, and may Selûne's blessings be upon you, adventurer. I am Celeste. Have you come to aid us in our battle against Valindra and her Thayan servants? If so, your help is most welcome.

This place, the Ashen Battlefield, has been cursed terribly by the Red Wizards who serve Valindra in the Dread Ring. Our own slain soldiers rise against us as the walking dead, and we are forced to fight against those who before the battle were our living, breathing allies.

But while the fight here is difficult, I believe that where you are truly needed is further ahead. An ally, Makos, is leading a push to retake a tunnel leading into the Dread Ring itself. It is imperative that he succeed!

Make your way through the battlefield and give Makos your aid as soon as you can!

Perfect timing, my friend! This barrier won't hold much longer.

We mined a tunnel under the Dread Ring, but before we could enter the breach, Valindra sent her undead minions against us led by one of her lieutenants known as Varkoss the Unliving. We were pushed back and lost a number of soldiers. I've been blocking the way to give us a chance to regroup.

You're the help we've been waiting for. Fight your way to the breach and slay Varkoss the Unliving to clear our way!


Sergeant Knox
It is good to have you here, hero. You fought well against Varkoss, but if we are to prevail against Valindra and her Thayan armies, then we will have need of even more your heroics.

You'll see some familiar faces here around the camp. Many of those who you've helped in your adventures have decided to return the favor and pitch in here. Valindra is a threat to every living being on the Sword Coast, after all.

Adventure Zone[]

The Ashen Battlefield
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Neighbors: Dread Ring
Levels: 70

The Ashen Battlefield is the adventure zone that The Ashen Battlefield quest takes place in. After completing the quest you can't reenter this zone.


  • Servitor (Minion)
  • Zombie (Minion)
  • Dread Hound (Standard)
  • Evoker (Elite)
  • Varkoss the Unliving (Boss)