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The Cleric
Faction: Stronghold
Race: Human
Occupation: Stronghold Management

The Cleric

The Cleric is an NPC in the Guild Stronghold west of the fountain in the Stronghold Keep. The Cleric offers daily quests for skirmishes and dungeons.


Gives and Completes[]


The Cleric
Oh, hi, adventurer. Another day... well, another day.

The Steward has a task for me to do, but of course, I can't do it on my own. I wish he'd just give me tasks I can do by myself.

Maybe you could help me with it. I'd be... grateful?

  • What do you do around here?
The Cleric
I'm your local cleric, I deal with the larger issues that people bring to the Stronghold - defeat dragons, stop liches, your normal, larger than life tasks.

And by, "deal with", I mean I deliver the tasks to someone like you, who promptly goes forth to deal with it.

... Good to meet you.

  • You don't like working for The Steward?
The Cleric
Meh... it's fine. I've seen some interesting things working with the Steward. I guess.

I'm still alive, which is more than I can say for some of my other colleagues that worship Ilmater.

I just hope something more interesting than orcs or the Master of Coin misplacing some papers happens soon, or I might go out of my mind.

  • Can you tell me your real name?
The Cleric
I would love to, but the Steward has a strict rule against names. I think it's stupid, but don't tell the Steward I said that.

He said that it's to avoid this being anything other than a business relationship. I'm sure he'll crack one day on the names, but for now, I'm just the Cleric.

  • ... See you around, Cleric.