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The information in this article pertains only to the PC version of Neverwinter.

Long ago a group of mages, the Many Starred Cloaks, vanished under mysterious circumstances. Most assumed the mages had perished in the Spellplague. They were wrong. Now called the Cloaked Ascendancy, the remaining wizards of the order have returned to Neverwinter with a new mission.

The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign was added to the game on February 21st 2017 (Pcflair.png), with the release of Module 11: The Cloaked Ascendancy. Most of the campaign takes place in the River District, and the dungeon Spellplague Caverns is unlocked through this campaign.


Profession Resources[]

Several Profession Resources were introduced to the game at the same time as this module, and many of them are used to gate the campaigns progress, or to buy items from merchants unlocked through this campaign. For that reason, the profession resources introduced with this module will be placed in the currency section.

Reclaimed Resources[]

By defeating enemies and completing dig sites you can obtain reclaimed resources that can be used to upgrade guard posts, delay the rituals, or donated to the treasure ship.


Similar to most other campaigns in Neverwinter, some of the tasks available in the Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign offer boons as a reward. You may choose 4 boons total, one from each category. The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign is slightly different than other campaigns in regards to boons in that you have more freedom in the order of which you receive the boons, (i.e. based on the tasks you choose to complete first in the campaign, you can end up with any of the boons from the first 3 categories below as your first boon). No other campaign (other than Strongholds) offers this freedom.

  • Boon 1
    • Aura of Despair - When you kill an enemy, you have a chance to emit an aura of despair that stuns up to 5 enemies within 25 feet for 4 seconds
    • Aura of Hope - When you kill an enemy, you have a chance to emit an aura of hope that boosts AP gain for all allies within 25 feet for 10 seconds
  • Boon 2
    • Healing Heat - You gain 2% incoming heal bonus and 1000 maximum hit points
    • Fiery Frenzy - You gain 2% critical strike severity and 1000 maximum hit points
  • Boon 3
    • Fey Briars - You gain 500 lifesteal and 2000 maximum hit points
    • Soothing Zephyr - You gain 500 recovery and 2000 maximum hit points
  • Boon 4
    • Vision of Beyond - When you land a critical strike, your stamina regenerates 10% faster for 10 seconds
    • Planar Vitality - When you deflect an attack, you regain up to 8000 hit points
    • Aberrant Power - When damaged by a foe, chance to gain a stack of Aberrant Power. At 10 stacks, taking damage will clear the stacks and deal up to 10000 damage to nearby targets. Aberrant creatures take double damage. Damage over time effects will not trigger this ability.
    • Aberrant Slaughter - You have a chance to slay lesser aberrant creatures outright when attacking them. The chance varies from 0-5% depending on the creature's hit points remaining


Task Name Prerequisites

Abandoned Treasures

Evidence of Evil

Secrets of the many starred icon.png

Heir Apparent Chapter 1: The Missing Link 36 15 0
Investigate Kabal Heir Apparent 48 120 0
Investigate Nostura Heir Apparent 48 120 0
Investigate Gyrion Heir Apparent 48 120 0
Confront Kabal Investigate Kabal 56 120 0
Confront Nostura Investigate Nostura 56 120 0
Confront Gyrion Investigate Gyrion 56 120 0
Glimpse of Madness Confront Kabal 84 60 100
Heart of Fire Confront Nostura 84 60 100
Fey Wizardry Confront Gyrion 84 60 100
Unlock Spellplague Caverns Confront Kabal and Confront Nostura and Confront Gyrion 360 120 0
Power of the Far Realm Unlock Spellplague Caverns 240 120 140
Task Name Prerequisites

Abandoned Treasures

Evidence of Evil

Secrets of the many starred icon.png

Clear the Docks None 36 30 0
Restore Commerce Clear the Docks 96 120 0
Establish Trade Routes Restore Commerce 144 240 0
Reap the Rewards Establish Trade Routes 240 270 0


Introductory and Storyline Quests[]

Repeatable Quests[]

Quest Reset Quest Giver Reward
A Weekly Ritual[1] Weekly Kavatos Stormeye 20Evidence of Evil 28Secrets of the Many-Starred 5 [Arcanic Focus]
The Shard of Night Weekly Shadowy Portal key 150Abandoned Treasures [Netherese Strongbox]
Mercantile Missions[2] Daily Ostaram Copperwise 25Evidence of Evil 4Secrets of the Many-Starred 2 [Arcanic Focus]
The Departed Daily Ostaram Copperwise XP and Copper only
Magic Recovery Daily Ostaram Copperwise
Heirloom Weapons Daily Ostaram Copperwise
Family Heirlooms Daily Ostaram Copperwise
Secure the Area Daily Ostaram Copperwise
Riverfront Rumble Daily Dockhand 30 Reclaimed Resources
Hidden Cache Daily [Stencil Cipher][3] 30 Reclaimed Resources, chance of Evidence of Evil
Reclamation Specialists Daily [Incriminating Documents][4] [Rusted Strongbox]
Behind the Mask Special[5] [Abolethic Portal Stone][6] 150Abandoned Treasures [Tainted Soil] [Far Realm Strongbox]
The Fey Castle Special[5] [Fey Portal Stone][6] 150Abandoned Treasures [Petrified Dust] [Feywild Strongbox]
Trial of Iron and Fire Special[5] [Fireforged Portal Stone][6] 150Abandoned Treasures [Constructed Iron] [Flamesoul Strongbox]
  1. Only available after completing the Confront Gyrion, Confront Kabal, or Confront Nostura task
  2. To complete this quest, one of the other five quests offered by Ostaram must be completed as well
  3. Stencil Cipher is randomly dropped by enemies
  4. Incriminating Documents are dropped by Adventurers
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 This quest may be completed as many times as you have portal stones, no daily limit.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Portal stones may be obtained by completing the Delay the Ritual task or from Heroic encounters


Item Crafting Resource Illusion Groundjade.png

Abandoned Treasures

Evidence of Evil

50 Reclaimed Weapons 5 35 0
50 Reclaimed Riches 5 35 0
50 Reclaimed Magic 5 35 0
200 Voninblod 0 150 0
Ancient Runic Key 0 500 20