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Clockwork Guild Tomb
Level: 4
Preceded by:
Followed by: Graveyard at Rest
Given by: Tristopher Chettlebell
Starts in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Turn in to: Tristopher Chettlebell
Level 5
8 Silver
300 Item Level Offhand Equipment
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Shoth the Tomb Queen

The Clockwork Tomb is the final lair quest in Neverdeath Graveyard. This quest also levels the player to Level 5.


  • Thwart Valindra's plans in the Clockwork Tomb.


Tristopher Chettlebell
Excellent! You should be able to enter the Clockwork Tomb via the main entrance now.

You had best hurry. Harper Windle's spies report that Valindra's troops are close to breaking through into the the (sic) tomb. If Valindra gets her hands on the Cult of the Dragon artifacts buried with Romani Monini and frees Azharzel, it bodes ill for Neverwinter--and yours truly, of course.


  • Enter the Clockwork Tomb Approach
  • Go to Clockwork Approach
    • Defeat the Thayan Wizard
    • Find the Clockwork Tomb Doors
    • Enter the Clockwork Tomb
      • Start the First Clock
      • Set the Hour in the Clock Room
      • Start the Second Clock
      • Set the Hour in the Clock Room
      • Start the Third Clock (There is a mimic on the way, drops 250 Item Level Armor and Headpiece)
      • Set the Fourth Clock
      • Set the Hour in the Clock Room
      • Set the Fifth Clock
      • Pull the Lever
      • Answer the Question of Time (The correct answer is "Twelve")
      • Find Valindra
      • Kill Shoth the Tomb Queen
  • Return to Tristopher Chettlebell


The Question of Time[]

Read the Clockmaster's Plaque in the Lower Level

Hundreds of letters are arranged randomly along the surface of the clockwork box.

[Continue Reading]

At the bottom of the gibberish, the word "Ready?" is clearly spelled out.

Click "Ready"

I am the most ominous and portentous hour.
Both the darkest and the lightest,
And the greatest of them all.

What am I?

1. Twelve

2. Midnight
3. Noon

If you select Midnight or Noon
Wrong. Now, you must begin again.

You must now read the plaque again.

If you select Twelve
You've answered correctly.

The passage opens to reveal the way to Valindra and Shoth the Tomb Queen.


Tristopher Chettlebell
Valindra escaped with Azharzel? Perhaps it is time to visit my academic colleagues in Waterdeep.

I suppose you could consider the bright side. Now that Valindra controls an army of gnolls and undead and a blue dragon, it's highly unlikely she will simply go away and leave Neverwinter in peace. I'm sure you'll get another chance to set things right!

In the meantime, I must make travel arrangements.







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