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The Moonless Knight
Level: 70
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Given by: Olirien Mistcrown
Starts in: Sharandar
Also occurs in: Tower of Celadaine
Ends in: Sharandar
Turn in to: Olirien Mistcrown
1,510 XP
5 Silver, 51 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

The Moonless Knight is the Sharandar Campaign daily lair quest for the Tower of Celedaine in the Realm of Malabog area of Sharandar.


  • Defeat Malabog's Black Knight, Celadaine in the Tower of Celadaine in the Realm of Malabog in Sharandar.


Olirien Mistcrown
Celadaine... It is time for Malabog's Black Knight to face a reckoning. I sicken at the thought that I once called that traitor my friend. His betrayal has gone unadressed for too long.

You will find him in the Fallen Tower overlooking the Outer Ward in the Realm of Malabog to the north. Slay him, and you will prove that outsiders may have a place in Sharandar after all.


  • Go to The Tower of Celadaine
  • Find a way to the Upper Levels
  • Defeat the Dark Fey Tormenting the Elven Ghost
  • Speak with the Gatekeeper's Ghost
  • Free the Remaining Gatekeepers (2)
  • Return to the Central Chamber
  • Use the Magic Column to Reach the Upper Levels
  • Find Your Way to the Next portal
  • Defeat the Cyclops Guards
  • Ascend to the Next Level
  • Ascend to Celedaine's Sanctum
  • Defeat Celedaine
  • Return to Olirien Mistcrown


Olirien Mistcrown
At last, Celadaine has suffered for his evil deeds. You struck a blow for Sharandar this day, hero. I am pleased to call you... friend.