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The Steward
Faction: Stronghold
Race: Human
Occupation: Stronghold Management

The Steward

The Steward is an NPC in the Guild Stronghold near the fountain in the Stronghold Keep. The Steward manages the Stronghold.


Gives and Completes[]



The Steward
Adventurer. We have things to do.
  • I'd like to ask you a few questions.
The Steward
What do you want to know?
  • Why can one tell me their real name?
The Steward
Because that was the rule I put in place.

I'll explain more, once we've made better progress in the area.

The Steward will reveal more when the Guild Hall is at least rank 10.

With Guild Hall rank 10 or higher:

The Steward
I suppose we've done enough with the guild that I can tell you.

Knowing names is dangerous, Adventurer. Everyone has a past, and I intend to keep that past away from the Stronghold.

People may be able to learn of someone being here from a decent description... but at the very least, I will make it harder for anyone's enemies to track them down to this place.

  • Do you need help with anything?
The Steward
You have the tasks needed, if I need anything else from you, I'll let you know.
  • Tell me about rewards.
The Steward
You can earn up to 240 [Influence] a day from Heroic Encounters.

Heroic Encounters requiring 15 or more participants will reward 10 [Heroic Shard of Power] once a day.

Enemies in the Stronghold have a chance to drop [Stolen Frozen Treasures], [Stolen Fey Trinkets], [Stolen Tyranny Treasures], and [Stolen Dark Gifts]. You can earn up to 30 of these per day.

  • Tell me about Stronghold Boons
The Steward
You can have one boon active at a time in each category.

Boons will become available when the guild has the corresponding structure built for them.

  • Have a good day, Steward.