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The Undead and the Dying
Level: 27
Preceded by: The Missing Doomguides
Followed by: A Doomguide's Duty
Mercenary Nature
Given by: Doomguide Volahk
Starts in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Also occurs in: The Undead and the Dying (Instance)
Ends in: Neverdeath Graveyard
Turn in to: Doomguide Volahk
1780 XP
7 Silver 60 Copper
Control Wizard:
[Cowl of Control]
Devoted Cleric:
Inventory Head T03 Devoted 01.png[Helm of Rebirth]
Great Weapon Fighter:
[Windrider's Helm]
Hunter Ranger:
[Cowl of the Glades]
Scourge Warlock: [Burial Mask]
Duration: {{{duration}}}


  • Rescue the Doomguides.


Doomguide Volahk
I believe the Red Wizards are purposely drawing priests of Kelemvor into Pauper's Field to capture for their rituals. Because of our special connection to the dead, sacrificing one of us would make whatever ritual they are performing all the more powerful.

The journal you found belongs to Doomguide Awen. If she is correct, my remaining comrades are being take to the Soldier's Memorial. For their sakes and the safety of Neverwinter, we must save them.


  • Use the southwestern gate in Pauper's Field x   (Press F to go to Soldier's Memorial.)
  • Search for the missing Doomguides
    • Search for the Doomguides
    • Defeat Doomguide Stonehammer & his minions
    • Find the Other Doomguides
      • Doomguide Falstaff
        • Destroy Falstaff's Body
      • Doomguide Awen
        • Stop the Dark Ritual
        • Speak with Awen's Ghost
        • Burn Awen's Body
      • Doomguide Winlof
        • Enter the Wizard's Tomb   (Press F to enter the Wizard's Tomb.)
        • Rescue Doomguide Winlof
        • Talk to Winlof   (Press F to exit the Wizard's Tomb.)
      • Doomguide Ganilon
        • Enter the Soldier's Monument   (Press F to enter Soldier's Monument.)
        • Rescue Ganilon
        • Speak to Ganilon
  • Collect Reward   (Press F to return to the graveyard.)
  • Return to Doomguide Volahk


Speak to Awen's Ghost[]

Doomguide Awen's Ghost
Who is it? Who's there? I can barely see!

Gods, I'm dead, aren't I? Well, at least it would explain why the pain has stopped.

I'm afraid so, Awen.
Doomguide Awen's Ghost
Thank you for stopping the ritual. They made us watch as they transformed Stonehammer. It was horrible!

I think those... abominations... took special pleasure in transforming a cleric of Kelemvor!

Please look for Doomguide Winlof. She managed to sneak away when Falstaff attacked our captors.

I will search for her.
Doomguide Awen's Ghost
I should go. Kelemvor calls me to my rest.

Please burn my body so it is of no use to Valindra.

Rest in peace, Awen.

Talk to Winlof[]

Doomguide Winlof
We've got to hide! Hide before they find us! They're everywhere, crawling up from the ground and hunting us like animals. There's no way out now. No way out.

You didn't see what happened. Didn't see what they did.

Are you all right?
Doomguide Winlof
No... yes... I don't know. I'm hurt and scared and ashamed that I allowed my faith in Kelemvor to waver.

Have you found any of the others?

Falstaff and Awen are dead. I'm going to look for Ganilon. Wait here.

Speak to Ganilon[]

Doomguide Ganilon
I owe you my life.

Have you seen any of the other Doomguides?

Winlof and Severin still live. The others didn't make it.
Doomguide Ganilon
I suppose I should be thankful any of us made it through this. It was a trap.

The Thayans lured us into th Rift and ambushed us. Apparently Valindra wanted our blood to supercharge her rituals-- and gain some Kelemvorite priests as pets in the process.

If it is safe to go I should report to Doomguide Volahk.

Let's go.


Doomguide Volahk
This blasphemy cannot go unchalleneged! We must stop the Red Wizards!







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