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Thwarting the Cult
Level: 70
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Given by: Fitzhugh Montgomery
Starts in: Well of Dragons
Also occurs in: "Thwarting the Cult" Heroic Encounters
Ends in: Well of Dragons
Turn in to: Fitzhugh Montgomery
1,335 XP
5 Silver 54 Copper
2 Dragon Sigil
Fallen Dragon Fang
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  • Collect Dragon Cult Missives from any Thwarting the Cult Heroic Encounter


Fitzhugh Montgomery
Now that we've mustered the factions here, our enemy has become more desperate. In addition to their normal patrols, the Cult of the Dragon has taken to sacrificing their prisoners and treasure to Tiamat early. Luckily, they've been doing this out in the open. I'm not sure if they're doing it just to lure us into a trap, but we have to stop them regardless.

Our Zhentarim allies have been tracking their movements. You should travel to those locations and put an end to any cultist activities in those areas. Bring back dragon cult missives as proof of your deeds. Perhaps by decoding and studying them, we can learn more.



Fitzhugh Montgomery
It seems the Lords' Alliance and all of Faerûn is in debt to you. Your service in thwarting the Cult of the Dragon is greatly appreciated.


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