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Titan's Helm
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Equipment
Tag: Head
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip
Quality: Epic
Requires class: Great Weapon Fighter
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Requires level: 60
Item level: 276
{{{damage}}} Damage
Set Name: {{{set}}}
Use: {{{use}}}
Quest: [[{{{quest}}}]]
Sell value: Gold1 Silver60 Copper43
Refinement point: Refinement Points{{{valueRP}}}
Buy cost:
Inventory Head T06 Greatweapon 01.png


Titan's Helm
Item Level: 276
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Equip: +718 Defense
Equip: +282 Deflection
Equip: +128 Regeneration
Equip: +128 Life Steal

Utility Slot: No Enchantment

Requires Class: Great Weapon Fighter
Requires Level: 60
Gold1 Silver60 Copper43

Titan Armor

Icon Name Collection Score Acquisition
Inventory Head T06 Greatweapon 01.png
[Titan's Helm] Collection Score 2 Spellplague Caverns [Epic]
Inventory Feet T06 Greatweapon 01.png
[Titan's Greaves] Collection Score 2 Icespire's Heart [Epic]
Inventory Body T06 Greatweapon 01.png
[Titan's Scale] Collection Score 2 Temple of the Spider [Epic]
Inventory Arms T06 Greatweapon 01.png
[Titan's Bracers] Collection Score 2 Caverns of Karrundax [Epic]
Name MHP Pw CS Rc AP Ds Dl Rg LS Mv Total
Titan's Helm 718 282 128 128 1,256
Titan's Greaves 718 282 128 128 1,256
Titan's Scale 1,093 438 199 199 1,929
Titan's Bracers 718 282 128 128 1,256


Titan's Scale drops from Epic Spellplague Caverns. Please remember that it only has a chance to drop. Killing the boss will not guarantee a drop.

PvP Performance[]

The Titan set is basically an upgraded imposing tier. The set boasts incredible defensive capabilities because of the static regen/life steal, and deflection bonus. With a massive 2459 defense boost, and bonus hit-points, you can actually go full offensive while maintaining a respectable gwf tank. The set bonus gives an incredible 15% flat damage reduction, which although has limited uptime, provides excellent mitigation. With the passive bavery talent and off-pieces slotted with lifesteal/deflect, its possible to reach 50% deflect during combat, making for extreme defense and durability in close encounters.