Tomb of the Nine Gods

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Tomb of the Nine Gods
Location Type: Dungeon Delve
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Levels: 70

Description[edit | edit source]

When Acererak captured Omu, he enslaved its population and forced them to build a giant tomb where he buried their nine trickster gods. In the intervening years, he has rebuilt and expanded his tomb to serve as a showcase for his trophies collected from many of the different astral planes. This is meant to entice adventurers to his tomb and pit them against his maze of traps, provided both entertainment for Acererak and souls for his own nefarious purposes. Wont put the location in that everyone is looking for, due to being to bothered about how the website looks and actually getting the facts that people need.

Rewards: earn Seal of the Brave and other unique items. Earn extra rewards with an Epic Dungeon Chest Key. For full reward details, refer to collections.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Avatar of Orcus
  • Wither's Control Station
  • Ras Nsi

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Rewards[edit | edit source]