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Module: May be earlier than module 22
Category: Profession Asset
Tag: Tool
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Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png

Tongs are Mailsmithing Forgotten Profession Assets that can be acquired as necessary components for completion of a number of rare tasks in that profession and/or as optional components that will improve the chances of receiving a higher tiered armor piece or weapon upon completion of a rare task.

Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Worn Tongs] may be purchased for Gold1 from M'tari Prin'tal in Protector's Enclave (North corner of the Seven Suns Coster Market). Tongs of higher tiers may be acquired from Icon Cstore Pack Booster Professions.png[Professions Booster Pack] and asset packs purchased in the Zen store. Tongs are not bound and may be traded on the Tarmalune Auction House or transferred between players.

A task requiring tongs as an asset will take any tier of tongs in its slot. Higher tiered tongs serve only to improve the chances of producing a higher tiered result in rare tasks for which they are used.

At Profession Level 3, 4x Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Iron Tongs] can be upgraded to produce Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Steel Tongs].
At Profession Level 4, 4x Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Steel Tongs] can be upgraded to produce Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Mithral Tongs].
There is no task that will allow Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Worn Tongs] to become Crafting Resource Tongs 01.png[Iron Tongs].