The Trickster Rogue is a pure DPS class with high single-target damage and low AoE damage. It uses a combination of stealth and flanking for maximum damage and survivability.

Rogues are particularly effective in balanced groups where a tank is able to hold aggro and a cleric can heal.

The rogue's special group ability is being able to detect & disarm traps.

Class FeaturesEdit

Stealth: Disappear from sight. Enemies cannot see you but they will still try to randomly attack where you last were. Grants combat advantage to you.

Sneak Attack: +25% damage bonus while stealthed

Shift: Quickly roll 8 feet away from danger. Requires Stamina; at level 1, can be used twice before resting.

Skill: Thievery



Sly Flourish (1) Single target melee damage
Cloud of Steel (2) Single target ranged (60 feet) damage. Toss up to 12 daggers at a target, with each subsequent dagger doing more damage. Ammo regenerates at approximately 1 dagger per second.
Duelist's Flurry (15) Single target melee damage. 2 initial slashes followed by a flurry of more slashes, each having a chance to cause a Bleed DoT. Bleed can stack up to 10x. Once the flurry begins, it lasts about 3 seconds and cannot be stopped, leaving the rogue vulnerable to attacks and unable to maneuver during its duration.


Dazing Strike (3) Single-target melee damage + stun. Stealthed: Activation time decreased by 50%.
Bait and Switch (5) Escape and stealth. Jumps backward and summons a magical decoy of yourself that enemies will attack instead of you. Your Action Points recharge every time the decoy is hit. Stealthed: Refills stealth bar, does not remove stealth.
Deft Strike (7) Teleport to enemy (60ft range), single target damage + slow. Stealthed: Range increased to 80ft, can also teleport to friendly targets. Useful for regrouping with teammates in dungeons or chasing down spies in the Spy Catcher zone contests.
Lashing Blade (9) Single-target very high damage melee attack with long cooldown. Useful as a finisher when Stealth's about to run out. Stealthed: +50% damage.
Shadow Strike (13) Single target ranged (40ft) attack, refills Stealth. Stealthed: Dazes target for short duration, does not remove stealth.
Blitz (17) AoE cone damage (40 ft range, 90 deg cone). Stealthed: Targets are slowed.
Impact Shot (20) Single target ranged (40ft) damage, pushes enemy back. Can be used 3 times / encounter. Stealthed: Stuns target, costs no charges.
Path of the Blade (25) PBAoE, damages enemies around you for several secs. Stealthed: Double speed, half duration.
Wicked Reminder (45) Single target damage, lowers damage resistance, stacks 5x. Stealthed: Applies 3 stacks.
Smoke Bomb (50) Special AoE, drops smoke bomb and slows + dazes enemies caught in it. Stealthed: Doubles slow effect.


Bloodbath (4) PBAoE (30ft), teleport from target to target for a few seconds, doing moderate damage to each
Lurker's Assault (8) Extends Stealth duration. No effect if unstealthed.
Whirlwind of Blades (11) PBAoE (30ft), low damage but gain Power for each enemy hit.
Courage Breaker (35) Single target moderate ranged damage + lowers target's movement and attack speed. Ignores target's control immunities.


Tier IEdit

Action Advantage: 2/4/6/8/10% Action Points for dealing Combat Advantage damage

Weapon Master: 1/2/3% critical hit chance

Toughness: 3/6/9% max hit points

Tier IIEdit

Swift Footwork: 2/4/6/8/10% stamina regen

Battlewise: 2/4/6% less threat/aggro

Cunning Ambusher: 2/4/6% damage for 6 secs after leaving stealth

Tier IIIEdit

Endless Assault: 2/4/6% encounter power damage

Twilight Adept: 2/4/6/8/10% Stealth meter recharge when you dodge with a roll

Lucky Skirmisher: 1/2/3% Deflect

Tier IVEdit

Scoundrel Training: 3/6/9% damage to foes not attacking you

Disciple of Strength: 5/10/15% increase to Strength damage bonus

Improved Cunning Sneak: 4/8/12/16/20% longer-lasting Stealth meter


Official TrailerEdit

Neverwinter - Trickster Rogue Montage Trailer

Neverwinter - Trickster Rogue Montage Trailer