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Troubled Times
Level: 17
Preceded by:
Followed by: The Wizard's Folly
Given by: Sergeant Knox
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in: Protector's Enclave Sewers, Tower of Solace
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to: Sergeant Knox
2183 XP
7 Silver 15 Copper
Great Weapon Fighter: [Bracers of Assault]
Oathbound Paladin: Inventory Arms T02 Guardian 01.png[Bracers of Defense]
Scourge Warlock: [Bracers of Corruption]
Duration: {{{duration}}}


  • Sgt. Knox has asked you to go to Josef Linkletter's House and help his Spellscarred wife Dorothea, even if it means breaking the Protector's Law for the Spellscarred.


Sergeant Knox
<name>, you've more than proven yourself to me, so I feel I can trust you with a… delicate matter. One of my men, Josef Linkletter, has been absent the last few days. I fear it's his wife, Dorothea. She's Spellscarred, touched by the Spellplague, and I'm afraid she's getting worse.

I want you to look in on them at their house near the Driftwood Tavern. Do whatever you can to help them. I can't ignore the Protector's Law, but you are free to do what's right.


  • Investigate Linkletter's Troubles
    • Talk to Josef Linkletter
    • Subdue Dorothea Linkletter
    • Confer with Rhazzad
  • Go to the Sewers
  • The Low Road
    • Escort Dorothea to the Exit
      • Dorothea Frightened (when attacked in the sewer)
      • Give Dorothea Elixir
      • Subdue Dorothea (if Dorothea remains frightened too long and is not given the elixir)
  • Defeat the Bandits
  • To the Tower of Solace
    • Talk to Josef Linkletter
    • Get Help from Rhazzad
    • Help Dorothea
    • Speak to Rhazzad
  • Collect Reward
  • Return to Sgt. Knox


Sergeant Knox
I'd feared it was something like this. I'm glad Dorothea is getting help, but something about all this just feels wrong. We're going to follow up on this "Rhazzad" character.


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