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Gift of Tymora

Tymora's Gift is a randomly reoccurring calendar event.

Tymora's Gift
By fighting in the defense of Neverwinter you may gain a Gift of Tymora.

Tymora has seen the bold bravery of the adventurers in Neverwinter and has decided to reward the risks they take with a chance at good fortune. While she takes notice of mortals, you may find a [Gift of Tymora] for battling in aid of Neverwinter.

To participate
You must be level 10 or higher and kill monsters that are within 7 levels of you. When they die, collect the special loot which may fall from them.

Sword Coast Adventures
You can keep up with the event by playing in the Sword Coast Adventures on Gateway from your web or mobile browser.

If luck has favored your bravery, you will gain a [Gift of Tymora] that contains one of the following:

[Fools' Crown of Neverwinter]
[Tymora's Lucky Coin]
[Tymora's Lucky Enchantment]
Rough Astral Diamonds
[Favor of Tymora]
Profession resources[1]:
Uncommon, Rare, or Epic
Potions that are useful for your level
  1. This includes Elemental resources, and the [Dragon Egg].

Event Vendor[]

The [Amphail Fancy Horse] can be purchased for 40 Favor of Tymora.

Zen Market Bonus[]

During the event Favors of Tymora can also be received as a bonus from some Zen Market purchases (for details see the page of this item).

Sword Coast Adventures[]

During the event, challenges at every tier (1 to 6) have a chance to award a [Gift of Tymora]. Every challenge has a chance, not just boss challenges.

Dates Run[]

Sequence Date from Date to
1 July 26, 2013 July 29, 2013
2 March 6, 2014 March 10, 2014
3 February 12, 2015 February 16, 2015
4 December 3, 2015 December 7, 2015
5 April 28, 2016 May 5, 2016
6 September 1, 2016 September 6, 2016
7 January 12, 2017 January 16, 2017
8 October 6, 2017 October 10, 2017
9 June 7, 2018 June 11, 2018
10 November 21, 2018 November 27, 2018
11 April 17, 2019 April 22, 2019
12 September 26, 2019 September 30, 2019

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