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I am married, with two children, both of my sons have moved out on their own. In the mid to late 80's I played D&D at a friend's house. One night we ventured to a new dungeon master's house. I had never met him but heard he had "original ideas". The DM was so good, I married him. Well not right away, but we celebrate our 25th anniversary this July 7th.

Since the internet, I have been active mostly in online games. I have prior experience with World of Warcraft (it got expensive and boring).I played Rift, Star Trek Online,Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter D&D, and Champions Online.

So far I have one playable Foundry quest on Neverwinter and I am busy writing another. I have four Foundry missions on Star Trek. The only reason I have them on Star Trek, I was learning to use the Foundry. The Foundry is a great point and click tool to add UGC to this MMO and I am the founder of the Facebook group: Cryptic Foundry Authors. Feel free to join us.

I also enjoy social gaming communities on my Facebook. I would love it if you added me as a friend, @sandukutupu. I have my social settings as visible to friends only this setting hides you from the evil spambots. Please check out my talk page and leave me a comment about whatever you want... assuming it can be discussed in public.