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Runestone Slots Effrafax of Wug Rank 35 Equipment Slots

Arcane Rank 7


Empowered Rank 7


Profane Rank 7
User Wendylblack images Wayward Wizard.png
Icon Inventory Misc Enclavetalisman 01.png

Talisman of the
Loyal Commander
Inventory Ring Dragonempire Shielding 01.png

Ring of the
Loyal Defender
Icon Inventory Misc Enclavetalisman 01.png

Talisman of the
Loyal Defender
Effrafax of Wug is a wizard who literally bet his life that he could make Mount Hazail disappear within a year. Wasting most of the year failing to create such a spell, he hired the Duergar to simply remove the mountain. The Duergar were happy to take the wizard's gold making a few mine shafts but in the end explained the task would take much longer than a year. Effrafax decided to make himself disappear before the warchief collected on their wager. He arrived in Neverwinter seeking employment about the same time as Llorna.

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