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A student of Manshoon, Nicholas was fortunate to encounter a Manshoon survivor of the "Manshoon Wars". This Manshoon took Nicholas as his student with plans to make the new Black Network. Soon the Manshoon started his own network teaching wizards the dark arts. However during a demonstration of how to mentally control a dragon, Nicholas out of his own astonishment distracted Manshoon who lost concentration and was promptly eaten. Nicholas is aware this Manshoon is but one of many and has several clones in place. He awaits the rise of the next Manshoon and is reasonably certain the Master won't hold his error against him. Nicholas now blends in with the Neverwinter community in the hope he will hear word of the Master's return. Meanwhile he has taken an apprentice, Morbius, a Thayan Illusionist, as his adept. Along the way Nicholas is building a small force as offering to the Manshoon.

Collecting Funds[]

Nicholas realized it would require wealth to form a band of specialist for this new Black Network. Nicholas and Morbius planned to break into the Manycoins Bank in Protector's Enclave. His only loyal follower, Morbius suggested they use a scroll of teleportation to enter the vault. They contacted the Dervish of Thay, the cousin of Morbius, who sold them several discounted teleportation scrolls. None of which seemed to work very well, most sent them to the Moonstone Mask or they ended up in the Well of Dragons. The plan to rob the bank was eventually disregarded.

Arson and Murder[]

Nicholas and Morbius traveled to New Sharandar in hopes of finding something to acquire wealth. Merrisara Winterwhite offered them jobs they found the Iliyanbruen very corrupted for being so-called "nice guys". She and the other Iliyanbruen, paid them to burn trees and kill the native Dark Fey, but mostly the Redcap Powries. This is how Nicholas met Stinkeye Nosepicker a powrie. Nicholas was about to target and kill the powrie when Morbius informed him they had reached Pelendethas Everstride's quota on the bounty. Nicholas instead approached Stinkeye and related how the Iliyanbruen planned a mass genocide of the dark fey. He convinced the powrie, that by joining his new Black Network it would not only insure his personal safety, but in the future it would secure an alliance against the Iliyanbruen. Both Nicholas and Morbius failed to mention they were under contract to the Iliyanbruen and had just finished killing many dark fey that day.

The Devil's Due[]

Misery Vemoncraft was having an argument with the Zhentarim agent Shay Cutter. When Nicholas overheard how she was displeased with the Zhentarim joining forces with Harpers and other agents of the opposition from her point of view. Nicholas approached the tiefling warlock and explained his plan to create the Black Network and have it waiting the return of the Manshoon. She only agreed to his terms, assuming he could produce a living clone of the Manshoon within the next six months. Venomcraft, a worshiper of Glasya, saw this as a no lose scenario, but she would be wrong. Shortly after her conversation with Nicholas, Misery was contacted by a shadow demon with instructions to cement the bonds with the Nicholas and Morbius or face the wrath of Glasya. Without any clue about the scheme of Glasya, she sent word back through Morbius, she would join the without conditions.

Return of the Manshoon[]

Nicholas growing tired of waiting decided to take it upon himself to "resurrect" the Manshoon. Nicholas buried himself in research of all kinds; from homunculus to simulacrum. Then with the help of the growing Black Network they set out to find the dragon that ate the Manshoon. They needed some small part of the Manshoon, Nicholas hoped a bone or something undigested would be lodged in the beast's intestinal organs. Dragon after dragon, they found nothing. Dervish of Thay sold Morbius a tracker that would assist them in locating the dragon. The dragon tracker failed, as it seemed track any and all dragons. Eventually they found and killed a dragon with a ring the old Manshoon wore. Best of all the finger bone and a bit of flesh. Nicholas started the process to create a simulacrum immediately. As the simulacrum emerged from its birthing pod, Nicholas knelt and said, "Forgive me my Master.". The simulacrum of the Manshoon, ignored Nicholas and started to complain about being hungry and appeared only to have fragments of memories. This creation was considered a failure but given the name, Aspect of the Manshoon.

Heir Apparent[]

After amassing and organizing the new Black Network, Nicholas found a few of the members lacking in devotion and teamwork. He called an assembly to discuss the state of the Black Network. His speech to them was short and direct.

Nicholas Magnus
I have gathered you together because there are whispers of who should lead us until the return of the Manshoon. Since the death of the Manshoon, I have journeyed from Neverwinter to Thay, from heights of the Icespire Peak to the depths of the Underdark, I have been accommodating long enough! I am taking my rightful place as the Heir Apparent to the Manshoon. Thus, until the real Manshoon returns and puts me in my grave, I am the rightful leader of this new Black Network. Any discord among you will be dealt with severely with intense pain and suffering.

The crowd fell silent and the silence was broken by Morbius of Debian clapping. The whole of the membership rose to their feet and began to applaud. Later that day, they planned executed the perfect heist of a large shipment of gold, and Nicholas was content.

Gith Meat Emporium[]

While in Waterdeep, Nicholas and Morbius came upon the Yawning Portal. Nicholas found another scheme to make gold without the overhead cost. Nicholas and Morbius started exploiting the non-human corpses found in various levels of the Undermountain for cheap meat. They summoned the forces of the Order of the Manshoon, to build a small establishment 650 feet below the Yawning Portal. The establishment titled "Nick's Gith Meat Emporium" served up any and all non-human creatures as a food source. When questioned about the ethics of his enterprise, he simply tells you, "No one complains about the inn built by the Lords of Waterdeep to exploit opening to this land. As for my products, the only difference I see between hunting a stag and a gith... the stag cannot fire arrows back at you.". Meanwhile his business seems to attract the most vile of customers. His Thayan Chef, Morbius supplies an undead staff to further reduce operating cost.