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HEY let's talk about it?[]

Feel free to post what you like. Tell me what you love, hate, or love to hate about Neverwinter D&D.
Just keep in mind that this is public, anyone can read it, even children.

Shut up little spam bot...[]

Do you play the game and see a private message from a player (bot)? They want you to run out and buy gold/AD at some website. Do you want this to stop? Do you get mail in game asking you to jump out and buy 1 million AD for $10? If you said yes, then you need set your social settings.
Hit the (O) key and bring up Social settings. The bots find you by browsing the active players. Down in the lower right press the Preferences button and set your status to "Visible to Friends Only". Save your settings as default and you are done! No more bot mail and no more instant messages from them.
I would love it, if Cryptic would have made a more advance chat filter, rather than the poor profanity filter they do have. A simple scan for key words that the user sets up instead of predesignated list. I am an old lady but as an example; My mother would wash my mouth out with soap for saying the word "crap". People have different opinions about language usage, so where it is written that Cryptic knows what offends me? Should a would be developer of a future MMO read this, put your filter list in the hands of the players where it belongs. Wendy Black 08:55, 31 August 2015 (UTC)

Thank you, but is there any way to stop the spambots in zone chat which you are aware? -- This comment was unsigned
Not as long as you are within Zone chat. It has been a while, but you can try the Custom Channel List which contains alternative chat channels. Most recently @doctordna created "rezone" channel in hopes that people would use it instead of the default Zone chat channel. Blackblood is a guild, but they keep a public chat channel "blackblood" open for use. It is simple enough to join a custom channel and block the Zone channel out. To join, from chat type, /channel_join <name of channel>, if the channel doesn't exist you will have created it. If Disney doesn't exist, /channel_join Disney will create it and place you as the owner. For a full list see the section on Console command. Wendy Black 21:33, 23 February 2016 (UTC)

secret cellar question[]

Wendy I use your secret cellar to set mouse zoom. Working just so good! Thanks much but question. How can reset or see zoom level? Sorry for poor English. ;D izmos 11:46, 26 September 2015 (UTC)

Actually izmos, I know people who don't speak English as well as you do, and sadly it is the only language they do speak. I am glad you found my mouse zoom of use. I will update that page shortly. To answer your question; The default field of view is 55, just type /fov55 should reset it or you can bind that command to any key you desire.
For example; /bind middleclick fov55
This will reset the zoom to default distance when you click the mouse wheel button. Wendy Black 14:24, 26 September 2015 (UTC)

blackblood Chat Channel[]

Today I saw a player promoting this channel. You can join it for help in the game. Unlike zone chat, full of bots and trolls, blackblood is players asking and getting help. You can use the Custom Channels Window or just type /channel_join blackblood into chat. Then to switch to blackblood type /blackblood followed by a space. Today there was about +140 people using this channel out of a total +1000 members. Wendy Black 00:02, 17 December 2015 (UTC)

Thank You[]

I love that voodoo you do so well! :D Thanks for making the page up, just one or two changes. I would try it myself but I would mess it up for sure. There are 26 characters but only 20 members. I don't want to mislead people into thinking the guild is bigger because people joined it twice. Also I sent you one more image of my character you can place it below the portrait I think that should be it. You're the best! @sameriker

It isn't that hard, study the page and you will figure it out. Any changes you make can be undone with a simple revert. Keep in mind that you need to update your guild roster at least once a month. As always, you are very welcome. Wendy Black 19:36, 17 January 2016 (UTC)

Getting Burned Out on Level 70[]

It happens, I am feeling like my level 70 characters are rinse and repeat. Yesterday I started up a new character Aero Ironcrown a female human Scourge Warlock. She arrived in Protector's Enclave with her faithful husband Vhex Ironcrown. Have fun playing, Wendy Black 18:07, 17 February 2016 (UTC)

Dog Gone![]

I was on the Gateway and my new character Goro Thay didn't get the puppy. The tutorial was incomplete or something because when I returned it just gave the standard dungeon and no puppy. The vendor doesn't have the Damaran Shepherd. Friends suggested deleting and starting over. But Goro is level 19/20 and has too much invested. It was real sad how poor my first experience with customer support was on Neverwinter. The ticket has been mark solved, although it is not solved, and they didn't understand what I was trying to tell them. They asked me to go in game and create a trouble ticket, but there is no option in the menus to create such a ticket. You can try all you want, the categories won't allow it. Once I had something it wouldn't allow me to submit the ticket anyway. Just for future reference, if you really want this companion as a reward, you better make sure you get it or you never will. I would buy it but it is not sold because it is bound to your character. I feel cheated out of this companion, I have it on 3 out of 4 of my characters. I thought they could have at least looked at my problem before sweeping it under the rug. I am marking it up to a lost cause. Wendy Black 21:00, 24 February 2016 (UTC)

Powers and Feats[]

This Neverwinter Feats and Powers calculator might be of use to some who want to plan out their build. I was going to add this as part of my Secret Vault but decided to let the page talk for itself. Wendy Black 05:55, 28 February 2016 (UTC)

Experience and DPS in Battle[]

A new friend of mine, asked if there is a way to view experience in the game as you see damage floaters. I know other games have this option but apparently not Neverwinter. I looked at the external game program called ACT which in a nutshell translates a combat log into human readable graphs and text. Problem is, I cannot get the program to install to check it out. This YouTube demo; Neverwinter DPS Meter

They don't seem to track XP during combat, the program works with other games, EverQuest 2, Rift, Age of Conan, Aion, SWTOR, and The Secret World. So I don't know how well this "All-in-One" works today on Neverwinter. The webpage to download that from is;

It does help you track your damage output (DPS) and other players DPS around you. To turn on your combat log in chat you type;

/CombatLog 1

Then you will find the file in with the other log files. I looked at it and there is no way for a human to understand much. Just a bunch of numbers and names. A typical line from your combatlog.log looks like this;

16:03:05:02:36:44.4::Imp,C[487931 Ashmadai_Imp_Basic],,*,Goro Thay,P[509270563@4815833 Goro Thay@sandukutupu],Melee Attack,Pn.Tit1py,Physical,Dodge,62.1842,275.28

So this program reads that and displays it either after you are done playing or in real time while you play. From this and other such lines in the file, it can calculate your DPS and other status.

Meanwhile I managed to find XP values on the wiki and the Experience|table shows that we don't make a lot of XP from kills.

Wendy Black 02:08, 6 March 2016 (UTC)

Gateway Closing[]

Cryptic officially announced the Gateway closing down as of Thursday, September 15th, 2016. --Wendy Black 20:48, 16 September 2016 (UTC)

Maybe someone with VIP can verify?[]

Typing in chat should provide the following;

/Vipaction_Mailbox activate Summons the mailbox post
/Vipaction_Bankvendor activate Summons the Bank Portal
/Vipaction_Professionvendor activate Summons the Profession vendor
/Vipaction_Moonstonemaskteleport activate Teleport to the Moonstone Mask
/Vipaction_Overworldmapteleport activate Summons the world map post
/Vipaction_Salvager activate Summons the salvaging anvil

Today I was asked about assigning alias to these, but then my game started to lag badly and I finally crashed...
This command would assign it so you can type /vip1
/alias vip1 "Vipaction_Mailbox activate"
on the other hand, this command would assign it to pop up on F2 key.
/bind F2 "Vipaction_Mailbox activate"
As you can see alias and bind work much the same but alias can run commands together. For example; I want my GWF to have a battle cry as she attacks with encounter power sloted in the first slot.
/alias battle_cry "say You shall die evil-doer! $$ PowerTrayExec 2"
However typing /battle_cry in battle is a bit much... so we then add the bind to a key.
/bind F3 battle_cry
At this point all the PvP players are thinking, "What?! I could be using that to macro my entire combat.". Actually it won't. If your alias looks like this; /alias killer_move "power1 $$ power2 $$ power3 $$ dodge" You may think this will do four moves but it will attempt all at once. Like mashing on the keyboard. So move 1 is cancelled out by move 2 and so on until all you end up doing is a dodge. There is no delay or wait between these commands. One more thing to note, key bindings seem to be automatically saved maybe on the server side. While alias needs to be added to the text file called "CommandAliases.txt" at this location; Cryptic Studios/Neverwinter/Live/localdata/

--Wendy Black 14:27, 17 September 2016 (UTC)

Personal Pages Update[]

Just decided to add my last 2 characters on here. Nicholas Magnus and Silvane Stardust leveled up to 70 this week. I am stopping at eight characters, it is hard enough to focus on one among the crowd. Some readers may notice the navigation bar changed from "Characters" to "Venturers" and "Rogues". The difference between an adventurer and venturer is; the adventurer is just a thrill seeker and risks life for no particular reason. Where venturer is about business and how the risk will profit them and others. The rogues are out for personal gain, while some lack morals, most don't have lofty goals to profit others. I managed to divide them up so there are four on one grouping and four on another. I will be adding more updates to images and biographies later. --Wendy Black 07:48, 8 November 2017 (UTC)

Hiding Spoilers[]

This is going to be a spoiler about the TV series "Friends" and this is most likely something you don't want to know.

Ok you have been warned!
The series ran for 10 years, I never really watched it.

If you peeked at that, I bet that really blew your mind! Wendy Black 09:39, 23 June 2020 (UTC)

Here is the template link: