This is a gallery of userboxes you can place on your userpage. If you list any of these on your user page, be sure to end the list with {{Userbox clear}} to avoid any layout issues. Note that some userboxes may have optional parameters. See {{User Perfect World}} as an example.

To discuss this further, and see unlisted Userboxes visit the Userbox gallery Talk Page


Copy/paste this to your user page under the "About me" section to get started.
{{User Xfire|id=davescomputer|system=PC}}
{{User Perfact World|id=spanker1290}}
{{Userbox clear}}
Link Code Result
Template:User Xfire


{{User Xfire}}
Xfire logo
This user is on Xfire.
Template:User Perfect World


{{User Perfect World}}
Perfect World
This user is on Perfect World.
Template:User Steam


{{User Steam}}
Steam icon
This user is on Steam.